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Student guidelines for the transfer of courses

Guidance for all students who are seeking a transfer, including those who have to pursue this through Recruitment and Admissions.

All transfers between courses for overseas students who have a financial sponsor, will always be dealt with by Recruitment and Admissions as an admission to the new course.


These guidelines are intended to provide information on the process relating to the transfer of courses where:

  • The new course is at a higher academic level or
  • The transfer will take place during the current academic session and the current course is significantly similar to the content of the new course, as determined by the Programme Leader (or equivalent)

Note: Where a student record is still provisional (PR), any transfer should be dealt with via admissions; this is also the case where the transfer is at the same or lower academic level than the current course (with the exception of point 2 above).


It is expected that students would have made initial contact with the programme leader (or equivalent).

Students should have:

  • Sought advice from a number of sources, which may have included HUB, SU, MMUI, Student Financial Support Team etc
  • Collected or downloaded the requisite course transfer form
  • Contacted the Learner Development Service if you have a Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

Frequently Asked Questions

It is essential that students considering transfer of course seek appropriate advice and guidance.

Where can I find further guidance and information?

If I am an overseas student and wish to transfer, what should I do?

You will need to contact a member of the Admissions team

What if I have not completed the online enrolment process for my original course and I wish to transfer?

New Students

You will need to contact a member of the Admissions team or Course Enquiries

Existing and Returning Students

Transfer of Course form available from any Student Hub

Contact the new Programme / Subject Leader to arrange a meeting

Where can I pick up a Course Transfer form?

Transfer of Course form is available from any Student Hub or can be downloaded here: Transfer of course form

If I have been advised to apply via MMU Admissions where can I collect an application form?

Please contact the Direct Admissions Team on e-mail or phone 0161 247 2966

Will there be any financial implications?

There could be, it is essential students seek advice from the Student Union / Student Advice Centre, MMU Student Financial Support or Gov.UK

How do I contact the Accommodation team regarding University Halls of Residence?

You can contact them on or find further information on the Accommodation website

How do I make an appointment with the Programme / Subject Leader for the new course?

  • Email / Telephone Programme Leader / Subject Leader directly
  • Student HUB / Programmes Office in the Faculty responsible for the new course can provide details of Programme / Subject Leader

Where do I hand-in the completed form?

This can be handed into any Student HUB

When and how will the outcome be communicated to me?

In writing from the Programmes Office 5-10 working days after submission

If my request is not granted can I appeal the decision?

The decision of the Programme Leader / Subject Leader / Head of Department or School is final.

If my new course is in a different Faculty how will I receive information on enrolment / induction?

Your confirmation letter will include appropriate contact details; however, you should receive an email via your MMU email address with relevant information.

If this is not the case you will need to contact the Programmes Office in the Faculty esponsible for the new course.

If I transfer, when will my timetable / Moodle access be updated?

If you received an unconditional offer your timetable / Moodle access should have been updated by the time you receive your confirmation letter. If this is not the case you will need to contact the Programmes Office as identified in your letter.

If you received an conditional offer your timetable / Moodle access will be amended upon confirmation that your conditions have been met.