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Academic collaboration can take many forms ranging from a non-legally binding mutual agreement on an issue between two or more parties to more formal legally binding contracts. On this site you will find guidance and support on the quality assurance of the following types of academic collaborations.

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Articulation Arrangements

An Articulation Arrangement is formed when the University and an external institution enter into a formal joint agreement, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), to confirm that the learning outcomes and standards required for the award of University credit towards a specified MMU Programme can be satisfactorily demonstrated through successful completion of the external institution’s own award or credit. Such an agreement would allow entry either to the beginning or to an advanced stage of an identified MMU Programme.

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Dual Awards

Arrangements where MMU and another awarding body together provide a single jointly delivered programme (or programmes) leading to separate awards and separate certification, being granted by both, or all, awarding bodies.

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Franchised Provision

A process by which MMU agrees to authorise an organisation to deliver, and sometimes assess, part or all of one (or more) of an existing MMU programme(s). MMU normally retains direct responsibility for the programme content, the teaching and assessment strategy, the assessment regime and the quality assurance.

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Joint Awards

An arrangement under which two or more awarding bodies together provide a programme leading to a single award made jointly by both, or all, participants. A single certificate or document (signed by the competent authorities) attests to the successful completion of this jointly delivered programme, replacing the separate institutional or national qualifications.

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Jointly Delivered Awards

A programme delivered or provided jointly by two or more organisations, leading to an award from one of the organisations only. This arrangement refers to the education provided rather than the nature of the award.

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Professional, Statutory & Regulatory Bodies

The term ‘Professional, statutory and regulatory bodies’ (PSRBs) is used to denote organisations which are authorised to accredit, approve or recognise specific programmes in the context of the requirement for professional qualification. Some such organisations have a prescribed statutory or regulatory responsibility to accredit, approve or recognise programmes and/or determine the academic standards and professional or vocational components of such programmes.

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Validated Provision

A process by which MMU judges units or a programme developed and delivered by another organisation and approves it as being of an appropriate standard and quality to contribute, or lead, to an MMU award. Under this type of arrangement, the unit or programme is only delivered by the partner organisation and not by MMU.

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