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External Examiners for Programmes at Collaborative Partners

External Examiners for programmes offered with Collaborative Partners are subject to approval by Manchester Metropolitan University, and are appointed as members of Manchester Met staff in line with procedures followed for External Examiners appointed to home programmes. As part of the appointment process, all External Examiners agree to abide by Manchester Metropolitan University policies and procedures, including the University’s Assessment Regulations, and the Institutional Code of Practice and Regulations for External Examining. Relevant documents and guidance can be accessed from the main External Examining web page.


Support for External Examiners on Collaborative Programmes

For External Examiners on collaborative programmes, the key contacts for support and guidance are the Manchester Met Link Tutor and the Programme Leader, and these staff should make contact with their External Examiners on appointment to provide details of their precise duties on the programme. Any External Examiners who do not receive such communication, and who are uncertain who these key personnel are, should contact

Visits to Partners

Where a programme is delivered through collaborative provision both within the UK or overseas, External Examiners may be asked to undertake visits from time to time to meet students in order to confirm that standards are appropriate and comparable to similar University-based courses, and that the assessment process is fair and consistent for all students.

The Assessment Board may also take place at the partner institution – please see Assessment Board arrangements below.

In addition to the annual fee, External Examiners are reimbursed for any travel and subsistence claims relating to visits to the partner. Click here for details of how to make a claim, and the current travel and subsistence allowances.


Moderation of Student Work

Details of the role of the External Examiner in the moderation of student work are provided in the document “Moderation Guidance for Collaborative Partners”.

Assessment Board Arrangements

For programmes delivered both at Manchester Met and at partners, through franchised agreements and on a similar delivery pattern as the programme running at Manchester Met, the University operates a two-tier assessment board structure.

For externally validated programmes (ie those which are not delivered at MMU) and for franchised provision that is delivered in a different pattern from the same provision at MMU, the University normally operates a single-tier Assessment Board – which may be scheduled to run at the partner institution. Information about the operation of all Assessment Boards, including single-tier Boards, can be found on the Assessment Boards web page at


All External Examiners appointed to programmes offered at Collaborative Partners should complete the reporting template EE4C (Collaborative Programmes Subject External Examiners) even for instances where an Examiner is operating in a Single-tier Assessment Board structure. Further guidance on report completion and submission is available via this link.

Annual reports are regarded as public documents and are routinely shared with students on the programme via student representation on Programme Committees. We also ask that, where possible, the reports are also posted on the programme VLE so that all students on the programme can have access.  Where this is not possible, we ask that alternative arrangements are put in place to ensure that students have access to the reports.


Further Information and Dedicated Support for External Examiners