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Additional Resources

The following resources support understanding and application of the Regulations

Before reading the below, students should first check if their Programme has an approved variation or exemption from the MMU Regulations. Where this is the case, course-specific arrangements may be in place which supersedes the information below.

What is 'condonement'?

Condonement is the process by which Postgraduate students can receive a pass for a unit in which they have achieved a marginal fail (45% to 49%). Condonement can be applied in whole taught units up to a total value of 30 credits for MA/MSc or PgDip awards, and 15 credits for PgCert awards. Where condonement can be applied, you will pass the unit and will not be offered the opportunity for re-assessment. The mark recorded on your final transcript of study will be the actual mark achieved.

Condonement can only be applied:

  • Where you have achieved a mark in the marginal fail category (45% to 49%) in whole units;
  • Where the programme’s learning outcomes have been, or may still be, achieved through passes attained (or still possible to attain) in other units;
  • Where there is no programme-specific variation or exemption from the Assessment Regulations in place that prohibits condonement.

Where you are eligible for condonement in more than one unit, the unit with the highest average mark shall receive a condoned pass. All other units with marginal fail marks shall be selected for reassessment.

If I leave MMU without completing my Taught Postgraduate degree, am I still entitled to an award?

Most MMU awards provide the opportunity for students leaving the programme prior to completion to receive an 'interim exit award'. The level and title of that award will depend on the credits you have passed. For example, students obtaining 60 credits will be entitled to the exit award of PgCert, and those who complete 120 credits PgDip.

Programme Specifications provide details of the exit awards available for each Programme.

What is the pass mark?

Except where they are assessed on a Pass/Fail basis, the pass mark for all assessments and units is 50%.

What happens if I fail an assessment?

Units are passed based on a weighted average mark calculated from all assessments, so if you fail one assessment you may still pass based on the marks you achieve elsewhere in the unit.

Where your mark for one or more assessment(s) leads to an overall failure of the unit, you will need to be re-assessed in any assessment(s) that you have failed. If you pass the reassessment, the maximum mark you will be able to achieve for the whole unit is 50%.

All students who undertake reassessment are liable to pay a flat fee of £50.

How many times can I resit an assessment?

If you have failed to attain an overall pass mark for a unit, you have an automatic right to at least one reassessment in the failed assessment(s).

If you are unsuccessful in this reassessment you are entitled to a second attempt at reassessment (with the exception of the taught independent study component) provided you engaged fully with the first. By this, we mean that you:

  • Re-submitted all required items of coursework;
  • AND attended all resit examinations;
  • AND attended or participated in any required reassessment events and / or activities.

How do I submit a claim for Exceptional Factors?

What happens if I fail my dissertation?

If you fail your supervised independent study component, you may attempt reassessment in this on one occasion only.

How is my award classification calculated?

Master's Degrees, Postgraduate Certificates and Postgraduate Diplomas may be awarded with Distinction, with Merit or at Pass level.

Award classifications for Master's Degrees, Postgraduate Certificates and Postgraduate Diplomas are calculated using an average of the marks achieved across the full range of units studied as follows:

Distinction - Overall average of 70% or above
Merit - Overall average of 60% or above
Pass - Overall average of 50 - 59%

Further Support

Students having difficulty understanding any aspect of the Assessment Regulations should contact their Faculty Student Support Officer, or the Students' Union Advice Centre - which offers support and guidance in relation to Assessment. Additional support is also available from Student Hubs, or from your Programme/Unit Leader.

Staff should direct queries about the Assessment Regulations to the Centre for Academic Standards & Quality Enhancement (CASQE).