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KTP Associates

MMU has numerous KTPs running live across many industries and sectors, using MMU academic expertise across such varied fields as computing, digital marketing, electrical engineering, mechanical and surface engineering, operations management, primary education, sensor technology and technical textiles to name but a few.

Below details just some of our current live projects:

Carolin Struller

I absolutely love my work and the people at my work place. My project involves a lot of travel, visiting project partners for trials and meetings and presenting at various events, mainly abroad, which I enjoy very much.

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Gregorio Navidad Vidal

Working with Feedwater shows me how it is to work in the real world and develop an industrial or commercial project.

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Dario Chiantello

At the first stage it is difficult to imagine what will be the most interesting achievement at the end of the project. However, the new context is already offering plenty of opportunity to grow.

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