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As increasing numbers of graduates compete for employment in a rapidly changing world of work, it is important that students acquire a portfolio of skills and experience that will repay their investment in education and allow them to thrive in their subsequent employment.

Evidence shows that it is the combination of academic study, work experience and leisure interests, that help to develop the broad range of skills and competencies that employers seek. Both academic and support staff can be key in the development of students' employability skills. Read MMU’s Employability Strategy and find out more about other employability initiatives.

Employability is a central objective in the MMU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategic Framework with three core commitments from the strategy related to the theme of Developing World-Class Professionals. They are:

  • to embed core and specific professional skills
  • to accredit employability skills
  • to prepare our graduates to manage their own personal development

Many resources exist both within the university and externally to help us implement these commitments successfully and the Careers and Employability Service is keen to work much more closely with academic colleagues to support the embedding of employability in the curriculum. Find out more about employability in the curriculum on the CeLT website.

Resources for staff
Employability Publications
Key employability contacts
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Student Employability Development Programme

We've made a start but we know there's more to do and feedback from you is essential if we are to improve and develop our services. We'd love to hear from you with any ideas or specific requests for how we could work together to support you and our students and graduates.

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