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Environmental Sustainability

MMU is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and educating future decision makers, business leaders and citizens. We also engage in research and innovation to help understand climate change and develop new ideas and technologies.

Sustainability is all about working together to meet the needs of today's people, without causing irreparable damage to our environment and future generations. Sustainability can consist of many factors, including Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability in particular is a priority for MMU and there are 9 different areas we are focusing on within this agenda:

  • 1

    Environmental Management Systems

    Improving the in-house data management in areas such as risk and compliance.

  • 2

    Energy Management

    Reduction in Carbon-Footprint through the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

  • 3

    Water Management

    Improving water efficiency through efficiency measures, including sustainable drainage and rainwater harvesting systems.

  • 4

    Waste Management

    Working towards the prevention of waste in the first instance by reusing and recycling. Our aim is to ensure that disposal is the last option.

  • 5

    Built Environment

    The creation of sustainable low carbon buildings and refurbishment; making use of energy efficient design and monitoring building performance.

  • 6

    Sustainable Procurement

    Reviewing our purchasing requirements as well as the ethical and environmental credentials of current suppliers. We aim to reduce goods mileage by sourcing local products.

  • 7

    Sustainability in the Curriculum

    Embedding the subject of sustainability within our programmes and providing training on this subject for tutors.

  • 8

    Travel Planning

    Developing an MMU Travel Plan to help staff and students choose a more sustainable mode of transport.

  • 9

    Communication of (Environmental Sustainability)

    Most importantly, a commitment to raise awareness of Environmental Sustainability across the university.

If you have any questions about MMU and sustainability, contact John Hindley, Environmental Sustainability Manager via email ( or call on 0161 247 1408.