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Meet the Team

  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Leadership

  • Dr John Hindley Head of Environmental Strategy (Full time)

    John is Head of Environmental Strategy for the University and leads the Environment Team. John has a background in Climate, Environmental Science, Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Buildings.

  • Education for Sustainable Development

  • Valeria Ruiz Vargas Education for Sustainable Development Co-ordinator (Full time)

    Valeria works in the School of Science and the Environment and collaborates daily with CELT and the Environment Team to support MMU's commitment to embedding sustainability into the curriculum. This includes the development of resources, workshops, initiatives and research for ESD. Her job also contributes to the Environmental Strategy led by the Environment Team and the Global Citizenship Initiative led by CELT.

  • Energy and Environmental Management

  • Helena Tinker Environment and Energy Manager (Full time)

    Helena is the Environment and Energy Manager for the University and provides support leading the Environment Team. Helena leads the University's environmental management system (ISO 14001), energy and carbon management programme and supports the Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership. She has a background in city wide sustainability strategies and environmental management.

    Callum Donnelly Energy and Environment Officer (Full time)

    Callum is the Energy and Environment Officer at MMU . He is responsible for the compilation and analysis of energy, water and carbon data to assist MMU’s sustainability reporting and benchmarking. Callum also manages the universities environmental legal compliance with the Carbon Reduction Commitment, Environmental Permits and Display Energy Certificates.

  • Sustainability Engagement

  • Sophie Leigh Sustainability Engagement Manager (Full time)

    Sophie has specific responsibility for leading the delivery of the University's Sustainable Engagement Programme associated with the University sustainability identity: "Let's make a sustainable planet".

  • Ryan Waugh Sustainability Co-ordinator (Full time)

    Ryan is working to deliver a new project, which will enable our staff to get more involved in sustainability at MMU. The project ‘Big Impact’ will empower staff to complete small sustainability projects, which make a ‘big impact’ on campus. Such projects will actively contribute to our universities sustainability commitment as well as helping staff, students and local communities live and work more sustainability. He is also involved in the development of sustainability in a range of areas, including engaging students through extracurricular activities.

  • Ailsa McConnachie-Folwell Sustainability Engagement Assistant (Full time)

    Ailsa works to deliver a range of sustainability related events, communications and workshops for students. This includes coordinating the ‘Big Impact’ student campaign that draws together various sustainability initiatives aimed at students.

  • Sustainability Research and Knowledge Exchange

  • Amer Gaffar Project Manager, Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership (Full time)

    Amer is leading on the GM Hydrogen Partnership. He has specific responsibility for managing the project,engaging new partners and introducing new initiatives.

  • Travel

  • For staff travel information, email:

    For student travel information, email:

    Call the travel team on 0161 247 2989

  • Andrew Taylor Travel Plan Manager (Full time)

    Andrew is responsible for the implementation and management of Travel Plans while leading the Travel Team. Andrew also works in partnership with Capital Projects to ensure all new developments have sustainable travel facilities and infrastructure integrated in to design.

  • Lynn Bonser Travel and Environment Assistant (Full time)

    Lynn Bonser works on administrative tasks for the Travel and Environment team including processing car parking applications and personal journey planning.

  • Jason Smith Travel and Environment Assistant (Full time)

    Jason Smith works on administrative tasks for the Travel and Environment team, including processing car parking applications, travel queries and personal journey planning. Jason leads on a number of awareness raising events, such as Fairtrade Fortnight, and runs our many Twitter/Facebook accounts! Give us a follow @mmuenvironment and say hi to the team!

  • Waste and Recycling

  • Email the team:

    Call the Waste and Recycling team on 0161 247 2007

  • Alan Dempsey Waste and Recycling Manager (Full time. Environment Team 2 days, Waste 2 Resource Innovation Network 3 days)

    Alan is responsible for waste and recycling strategy and operations, and leads the Waste and Recycling Team. His background is in legal compliance, contract management, operations management and sustainable procurement, both in the private and public sectors. Alan also works part time in the Waste to Resource Innovation Network (WRIN), providing contract research and scientific services to the waste management sector.

  • Waste and Recycling Operations Manager (Full Time)

    The Waste and Recycling Operations Manager is responsible for operational waste and recycling activities and projects, and implementing management plans in a commitment to maximise recycling at the University.

  • Mark Miles Waste and Recycling Officer (Full time)

    Mark Miles works in the Waste and Recycling Team. He organises the collections and disposal of waste across all university sites, and provides support for recycling initiatives run throughout the year.

To find and request Environment Information about MMU, visit our Freedom of Information (FOI) webpage