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Energy Management

Our Aims
  • To reduce operational energy consumption from the University estate to help achieve carbon emissions reduction targets and cost savings

MMU has introduced substantial measures to cut our CO₂, and our Carbon Management Plan is allowing us to take stock of our current position, and effectively plan for a more sustainable future. It sets out the actions we’ll take to reduce C0₂ emissions by 50% by 2020.

We’ve leapt up 30 places in the People & Planet’s Green League, and are now 27th out of 141 universities. We’ve also completed the higher education Carbon Management Programme which is run by the Carbon Trust and earned the prestigious Carbon Standard Trust.

Reducing our Carbon footprint

We’re already taking action to reduce our carbon footprint with projects including:

The installation of one of the largest photovoltaic arrays in the city, which converts solar energy into direct current electricity. Our photovoltaic cells are currently providing power to our All Saints Building, Students’ Union and our Sir Kenneth Green Library.

We’ve vastly improved the energy efficiency of some of our buildings, which has already saved thousands of pounds.

You can see how much energy has been generated at the All Saints Buildings and the Students’ Union with our live energy displays:

A £650,000 Revolving Green Fund was awarded to MMU in 2009 to invest in energy saving projects. It’s ‘revolving’ because the savings made through these projects are put straight back into the fund to finance further carbon saving measures.

The Lawrence Building was given an overhaul to improve energy consumption and Energy Performance Certificate ratings from an ‘E’ to a ‘B’. The project cost £153,500 and delivered annual savings of £23,750 alongside saving 79.6 tonnes of CO2.

During 2009 a voltage reduction unit was installed in our Students’ Union, which has saved 10% of electrical consumption.

During 2010 we began rolling out power-down software which will ensure that all 6,000 of our PCs are turned off when not in use. It’s hoped this will prevent 524,000 kWh of electricity being wasted – the equivalent to the combined monthly electricity use of around 30,000 households.

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