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Our ‘Agender’

Gender equality at MMU is important because we value diversity and inclusivity. It creates a harmonious work environment based on mutual respect and improves the position of staff regardless of gender, transgender or sexual orientation.

Role of the Gender Staff Forum (GSF):

The GSF is one of the University’s consultative groups that reports back to the Diversity & Equal Opportunities Committee (DEOC) Chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. The main role of the Forum is to:

  • Work with the DEOC to establish topics for discussion and consultation;
  • Act as a focal point for consultation within its constituent group;
  • Make arrangements to ensure that staff within its constituency are properly consulted;
  • Support the DEOC in its monitoring and reporting function.

The Gender Staff Forum believes that every member of staff at MMU should feel that:

  • their voice is heard
  • their view counts and makes a difference
  • they contribute to change
  • equality is promoted

The Gender Staff Forum can:

  • provide support and advice by being the first point of contact
  • be a forum for shared experience
  • act as a driver for change
  • affect university policy and ensure they are implemented effectively

The Gender Staff Forum can achieve this by:

  • identifying important issues
  • working collaboratively
  • communicating effectively and respectfully
  • promoting gender equality throughout the University

Priority Areas

  1. Identify areas of gender discrimination
  2. Raising awareness
  3. Challenging gender stereotypes
  4. Improving communication
  5. Inclusive staff consultation
  6. Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)
  7. Development opportunities

Join the Gender Staff Forum and tell us about your experiences and views so that we can help raise awareness of gender issues and possible inequalities.

All staff welcome.

Dates for future GSF Meetings:

The next Gender Staff Forum meeting will take place on 31st March 2017,10am-12pm in Geoffrey Manton, Room 226.


Co Chair

Naomi Buckley
Ext: 3050


Kate Cook
Ext: 3458
Email :

Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator

Lydia Lancaster
Ext: 6419, 


Documents & Minutes

Please enter your MMU staff details to access the minutes and documents for this forum.

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