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Harassment and Bullying

Manchester Metropolitan University is committed to ensuring that employees are treated with dignity and respect whilst at work and acts of unfair treatment will not be tolerated. The University recognises that unfair treatment of staff undermines both the individual and the values of the University.

Every member of staff is responsible for ensuring that their behaviour in the workplace is appropriate and compliant with the policies and procedures contained within the Fair Treatment at Work Framework.

Please read our Fair Treatment at Work Framework which includes the Dignity at Work Policy.

What should I do if I experience bullying or harassment?

Any member of staff who believes they are being bullied or harassed is encouraged to resolve the issue informally wherever possible. In many cases, an informal approach can resolve matters satisfactorily, particularly if action is taken quickly. Quite often, a person may be unaware that their behaviour is unwelcome, or it may be that their actions have been misinterpreted.

Can I speak to someone impartial before I take the next step?

Often just having someone to talk to can be enormously helpful and the Equality & Diversity team will listen to your concerns and outline the options open to you. If you feel you would like to speak to someone from the E&D Team, then please contact us:

Tel: 0161 247 6494

Stuart McKenna - Equality & Diversity Manager:
Tel: 0161 247 3313

Mona Patel - Equality & Diversity Specialist:
Tel: 0161 247 3301

What kind of advice will I receive?

The E&D team are trained and ready to help all members of staff who may be experiencing problems or perhaps need advice. They play an important role in responding to an enquiry or complaint, particularly during the informal stages. As well as giving general advice, they can help review emails/letters, attend meetings with, for example, the alleged respondent or appropriate manager and offer mediation. These types of actions are often the first approaches to resolving problems and getting the bullying or harassment to stop.

Confidentiality is essential, and only in exceptional circumstances where urgent managerial action is required - circumstances, which involve an unacceptable risk such as physical violence to an employee or another person, will the E&D team need to break confidentiality. To help avoid the need to breach confidences, exceptional circumstances will be explained to individuals at every first meeting with an E&D team member. It will then be up to individuals to decide whether they wish to continue with the meeting.

The E&D team do not provide advocacy or counselling support nevertheless, they will listen to your concerns, provide confidential support and information to staff on the University's policy and outline the options open to you.

We strongly encourage people to come forward and seek advice and help from whomever they feel most comfortable with, whether that is one of the listed E&D team, an appropriate manager, HR Adviser or trade union representative. The aim is to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible and stop unacceptable/offensive behaviour.

The informal and formal processes to address bullying and harassment in the workplace are outlined in the University's Dignity at Work Procedure

Definitions of Harassment and Bullying
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