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Single Equality Scheme

MMU’s Single Equality Scheme (SES) sets out how we as an organisation will promote equality and diversity in both our role as an employer and provider of student education. The three year action plan sets out the actions the University will take and reinforces our commitment to build on our positive achievements and demonstrates our commitment to eliminating all forms of discrimination and inequality. The equality event held in October 2010 saw the official launch of the scheme and its action plan. The scheme and its associated documents can now be downloaded (see right hand panel on this webpage).

The scheme, which incorporates our previous Race, Disability and Gender Equality Schemes, as well as our newly developed Equality and Diversity Policy, is a working document that will be reviewed and updated during the next three years, with annual progress reports. We will continue to involve and consult stakeholders, to ensure that the university’s equality objectives take account of priority issues for the University, its students, staff and the communities we serve.

We will produce annual progress reports which will be considered by the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Committee (DEOC), Directorate and the Board of Governors.

We would welcome any feedback you might have on the SES and its implementation, please use the Feedback form or contact one of the Equality and Diversity team directly.

Single Equality Scheme
Single Equality Scheme
Single Equality Scheme Action Plan (Appendix B)

Associated Documents
Legislation Framework (Appendix A)
Equality Impact Assessment Schedule (Appendix C)
Steps taken to develop the Single Equality Scheme (Appendix D)
Stakeholders Involved (Appendix E)
Equality & Diversity Communication, Consultation & Engagement Strategy (Appendix F)
Equality & Diversity Annual Report (Appendix G)
Equality Monitoring Data (Appendix H)
MMU Equality & Diversity Policy (Appendix I)

Summary Version
SES Summary

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