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Display Screen Equipment


DSE Assessors Pack
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Please find below items from the DSE Assessors Pack for you to download.

Assessor Principal Functions (pdf document, 35k)
Risk Assessment Form (pdf document, 70k)
Online Stretches (pdf document, 200k)
Copy Machine Stretches (pdf document, 220k)
Display Screen General Assessment for Students (pdf document, 80k)
Guidance Notes on the safe use of Laptops and Notebooks (pdf document, 150k)
Reducing Mouse Usage (pdf document, 245KB)
Eye Care (word document, 17KB)
Self-Assessment Questionaire (word document, 854KB)

Useful web links
Health and Safety Executive website. This site is now very extensive, with many sections and sub-sections. Careful use of the site map and/or search facilities are helpful in getting the best from it.
HSE free publications, alphabetical listing. Mostly in Acrobat .pdf format

"Visual Display Units" booklet, 16 sides booklet in Adobe .pdf format.
No restrictions on reproduction. Basic presentation of employer's legal duties, and basic good practice information for users, rather dull presentation but authoratitive.
Will print well in greyscale as well as colour. Consider providing copies of this booklet for DSE Assessors to use and to give to staff who could benefit from additional information.

TUC website. Type "DSE" into Search Box for list of articles covering most aspects of DSE legislation and issues.
Posturite. Suppliers of good quality ergonomic DSE furniture, and DSE workstation equipment. Also stock Contour ergonomic mouse in five hand sizes, and Logitech marble mouse. Also offer DSE assessments of individuals with pain, injury or illness problems and supply suitable furniture and equipment. Can also manufacture custom made furniture.

Osmond Group, suppliers of good quality ergonomic furniture and DSE equipmen.t Also some information and training resources available after free registration. Suppliers of Logitech Marble mice, and compact keyboards (Keyboards without the number pad.) Wide range of chairs. Commercial site developed in Loughborough University. Left click on "Safe office practice zone" Strongly recommended for good graphics and text on good, and bad, workstation ergonomics. Extremely wide range of computer related equipment, stock the Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard. Accepts managed accounts from educational institutions.

Lyreco and Supplies Team. Basic offices supplies companies who are part of the NWUPC scheme.

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