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Local Health and Safety Arrangements and Procedures

The following advice is designed to assist senior staff in drafting the local health and safety and wellbeing arrangements and procedures.

6.2       The Commitment Statement is required for all faculties and services (a template document in available from the Health and Safety Team).  This is a statement of commitment that you will manage your undertakings in such a way to assure, as far as you are able, the safety of staff, students and visitors. This is the section where you identify the stakeholders and declare your intention to look after their interests.

6.3       Arrangements
This section will outline the management organisation, describing who is responsible for delivering the commitments made in the above statement. This is the opportunity to inform managers, supervisors and individual members of staff what is expected of them. This should range from the proactive approach required of managers e.g. carry out risk assessments and implement safe systems of work, to the responsibility of members of staff and students e.g. to follow the rules and report any problems.

An organisational chart illustrating the Health and Safety management structure would be very useful in supporting the allocation of duties and responsibilities.

6.4       Procedures

6.4.1   This section is the most specific, detailing what you do in practice for first aid, accident reporting, fire safety, hazardous substances, manual handling, safety training, electrical safety etc. In many instances you can refer to existing University procedures and guidance and the University Health and Safety Manual.

6.4.2   The Health and Safety Unit’s web site is the main source of information on health and safety matters. University safety documents are available from the website and in a format that can be downloaded. Where there are specific or detailed local rules or guidance these are set out.

6.4.3   The website sets out where advice for managers can be obtained and what training they are required to undertake to be able to discharge their duties in a competent manner e.g. Health and Safety Unit e-learning modules and specific courses related to the level of risk encountered. Managers have the responsibility for ensuring training records are recorded and maintained on myHR in conjunction with the Health and Safety Unit.

6.4.4   Consultation on health and safety is a legal requirement, and you should identify what procedures you have in place to consult on Health and Safety. Normally for the most senior staff this would be through the local Site Health and Safety Panel. Divisional or departmental safety panels, where these are established, are also forums for consulting on Health and Safety. Other methods include formal or informal briefings, task groups etc.

6.5       Review
The arrangements and procedures will require auditing and reviewing periodically to ensure that they are relevant and up to date.

6.6       Approval
The arrangements and procedures should be approved by the Local Health and Safety Panel.

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