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4.1       The University Health and Safety Manager is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor and the Director of Human Resources for a general oversight and advice in respect of all health and safety matters, key responsibilities include:

  • Providing an institutional oversight in respect of all health and safety matters.
  • Providing dedicated proactive and professional advice to members of the University Executive Group.
  • Ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to promote an effective health and safety and wellbeing culture.
  • Development of the University Health and Safety Strategy. The monitoring and implementing the three year Health and Safety Strategy, supported by the annual Health and Safety action plan.
  • Ensuring that the University Health and Safety and Wellbeing Policies and Procedures are reviewed regularly and remain appropriate and fit for purpose, and comply with legislative requirements.
  • Ensuring that effective communications, implementations, inspection and audit systems are in place.
  • Delivering support to ensure consistent translation and implementation of University Health and Safety and Wellbeing policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring that employee representatives are appropriately involved as equal partners in delivering and implementing the University’s health and safety and wellbeing objectives.
  • Ensuring that appropriate training is provided to members of the University who have significant responsibilities in the management of health and safety and ensuring that all appropriate health and safety training is accessed and recorded.
  • Ensuring that faculties are supported in the development of health and safety plans and action plans, policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring that the University is kept up-to-date concerning health and safety legislation as appropriate.

4.2       The Director of Estates has a key health and safety role with regard to the safety of buildings, building services, the appointment of competent contractors, the provision and maintenance of satisfactory fire detection and fire-fighting equipment.

4.3       The University Radiation Protection Adviser is responsible for advising the Board of Governors, through the Health and Safety and Wellbeing Committee, on all statutory requirements in respect of ionising radiation throughout the University.

4.4       The Departmental Radiation Protection Supervisors are appointed by the Head of Department to monitor and advise on the safe use of radiological materials or related equipment.

4.5       Departmental Safety Co-ordinators are appointed by senior staff to act as liaison officers with the Health and Safety Unit and to support senior staff in the implementation of departmental rules and procedures.

4.6       During formal classes the Health and Safety of students is the prime responsibility of the member of teaching staff timetabled to be responsible for their teaching and learning. Such responsibility will involve ensuring proper adherence to policies, procedures and standards.

4.7       Technical Staff have specific responsibility for the preparation of materials and specialist equipment, where they are supervising students they must be involved in the risk assessment process as part of the teaching team.

4.8       Trade Union Safety Representatives are appointed by recognised trade unions to represent their members at the workplace in matters of health, Safety and Wellbeing.

4.9       First Aid Staff are trained and appointed by the University to provide an effective first aid facility for staff, students and visitors.

4.10    Others: The University, as the occupier of its premises, owes a common law ‘duty of care’ to its lawful visitors. This means such care as is reasonable in the circumstances to order to ensure that visitors will be safe in using the premises to which they are invited or to which access is permitted.

4.10.1 Contractors and visitors must take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their acts and omissions.

4.10.2 The University’s Health and Safety and Wellbeing Policy requires all persons on its premises to observe the safety rules and instructions given by appropriate members of staff enforcing the Health and Safety and Wellbeing Policy.

In particular:

  • senior staff must have in place appropriate local rules for hirers of University premises under their control. Particular attention should be paid to emergency procedures within the local rules;
  • organisers of conducted parties must agree with and ensure compliance with any special conditions drawn up in anticipation of the visit;
  • senior staff must make such arrangements as are necessary to prohibit or restrict children from areas under their control, and refer to the policy on the ‘Safety of Children on University Premises’;
  • Students’ Union employees must follow the safety regulations of the University insofar as they apply to their particular work situation and any other requirements laid down by their employer;
  • External users of University facilities must be informed of relevant University rules and regulations relevant to the activities they are to undertake.
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