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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

A PEEP is a document that details how the safe evacuation will be conducted of a person with a disability or injury from a building in the event of an emergency situation. In the documents on the right you will find all the necessary advice and guidance required in respect of PEEPs, however it is important to note that the Health & Safety Unit is available to support managers, staff and students in this process.

The Health & Safety Unit will continue to update the relevant sections of the guidance documents as and when required, however if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Completed PEEPs

Below you can find the PEEPs that have been completed accross the University. Should you wish to find out more regarding PEEPs please contact the Health & Safety Team.

  • All Saints

    • Bellhouse
      The PEEP for this building is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.
    • Business School and Student Hub
      PEEP - Business and Law.pdf
    • Cambridge Halls
      The PEEP for this building is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.
    • Cavendish
      The PEEP for this building is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.
    • Chatham
      The PEEP for this building is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.
    • Geoffrey Manton
      The PEEP for this building is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.
    • Grosvenor
      PEEP - Grosvenor (First floor).pdf
    • John Dalton
      The PEEP for this building is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.
    • Ormond
      The PEEP for this building is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.
    • Righton
      The PEEP for this building is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.
    • Sandra Burslem
      PEEP - Business and Law.pdf
    • Sir Kenneth Green Library
      PEEP- Sir Kenneth Green Library.pdf
  • Cheshire Campus

    • The PEEP for this campus is still being undertaken and will be available shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions about the PEEPs

The following questions have been raised during the recent PEEPs awareness training for staff. An answer/comment has been attached to each question. This section will be updated periodically as more issues are raised and resolved in respect of the PEEPs process. If none of the questions and answers listed below deal with your concern or you need support and advice that is more detailed please contact the Health & Safety Unit.

Who is responsible for constructing PEEPs?
The H&S Unit provide training and support for any individuals who are expected to construct PEEPs. For staff the line manager is responsible for constructing a PEEP. For students it is Faculty & Campus Services.
We do not have enough time to do PEEPs along with our own work
Although the university has some sympathy with this concern, the construction of a PEEP is a statutory requirement. Line managers must ensure that sufficient time and resources are allocated.
What if a person cannot be transferred from his or her wheelchair?
This requires a specialist PEEP and the H&S Unit will assist in its construction. There are designated lifts in some buildings and these can be used in the event of an emergency. Where communication is effective it may be possible to use any lift particularly if the evacuation is due to accidental/malicious activation. Communication is the key there may be no need for an individual to evacuate a building a long as communication can be maintained.
When a student/staff member uses multi buildings who does the PEEPs for each building?
Where a student uses a number of buildings it would the appropriate Faculty & Campus Services team in each building. This requires a co-ordinated approach and the sharing of relevant information regarding the student. For staff it remains the line manager’s responsibility in respect of their staff.
What are the categories of disability that require a PEEP?
There are no specific categories that require a PEEP. Where a student has a condition that affects mobility, sight or hearing then a PEEP must be constructed.
I am not medically qualified to construct a PEEP
There is no requirement to have any medical qualification to construct a PEEP. It is procedural process linked to the emergency evacuation procedure. Never make any decisions that are beyond your competence. If you have any concerns then the university will obtain expert medical advice.
What if a student/staff member refuses to have a PEEP?
The refusal to co-operate with the university in respect of its statutory obligations should not be permitted. If you are met with refusal or non-co-operation, you must refer this immediately to your line manager.
Can a building have a generic PEEP constructed?
There are sections in the written PEEP process concerning buildings that can be constructed generically. However always remember this is a ‘personal plan’ and should reflect that in its construction. The Health & Safety Unit will be placing ‘generic’ sections on its dedicated PEEPs web page.
What if nobody in the building is trained to use an EVAC chair?
Training is available and has been advertised. Anybody identified in the ‘designated assistance’ section should be trained in EVAC chair use if the PEEP identifies the use of an EVAC chair. Where there is no person trained then the PEEP needs to be reviewed. Training only lasts for an hour and is free to all staff and students.
Why are members of academic staff not involved in constructing PEEPs?
The decision not to involve academic staff in the construction of PEEPs was taken by the Directorate. Academic staff can be part of the process by providing support in the evacuation.
Why are disabled co-ordinators not involved in PEEPs?
The simple answer is some are. However, as their title suggests they may co ordinate but the responsibilities are as in the question “Who is responsible for constructing PEEPs”.
Where there is no communication system in the refuge point what do we do?
All refuge areas should have communication devices. A report on the standard of refuge areas has been constructed and is with the HR Director. At present, notify the CaReS staff that have an emergency mobile phone that can be contracted during an evacuation. If in doubt, activate the PEEPs and evacuate.
When will Fire Marshals be in place and what will they do?
Fire Marshals are being introduced this academic year and will assist in the evacuation of buildings. They will be trained and where appropriate will assist in the PEEP process.
Does the completed PEEP have to be signed by the student/staff member?
A signature is required by the student/staff member once the PEEP has been completed and accepted.
We have a basement in our building how do we evacuate disabled people?
There is equipment that will assist individual up stairs either mechanically or by physical means. Sometimes it is not appropriate to have people with significant mobility problems in basement areas.
How do we know what and where the refuge points are?
All identified refuge points are listed in the ‘disabled evacuation facilities database’ on the Facilities web site. They are identified by building, floor and actual location.
What role does Security play in an evacuation?
None at present as they would have to enter a building that was being evacuated. There is not enough Security Officers to provide this service.
What happens if there are no names on the helper list?
It is crucial that if a student/staff member requires assistance then this is available should an emergency occur. The importance of having a procedure in place for the emergency evacuation of disabled people is essential for the safety of the individual. Where designated assistance has been identified and no staff/ students/carers have been listed in the PEEP then this would be unacceptable to the university and the Fire Authority.
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