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1. What can the new printers do?

The fuller term for the new printers is Multi-Functional Printers (referred to as MFPs). The common features of each new Multi-Functional Printer include:

  • Double-sided (duplex) printing to reduce paper usage (note: you can of course change the settings to print single sided)
  • Photocopying
  • Full colour scanning (even on the black and white models)
  • Black and white (mono) printing
  • Automatic ordering of new toner cartridges
  • Self-diagnose potential problems and reporting faults
  • Automatic service call outs.

If any additional functions or features are required in your area (such as colour printing) this will be identified as part of the review process.

2. What about disability requirements?

MMU Print is aware that changes to current printing arrangements may impact disabled members of staff and understand that consultation with this group is important to ensure that printing remains accessible and any reasonable adjustments required are identified and made. An Exceptions Request Process is in place to capture individual requirements and to identify disability requirements.

For more information please click here or contact the Project Team at

3. I have a desktop printer that was purchased for an externally funded project. Can I keep it?

One of the aims of MMU Print is to reduce overall expenditure on printing. Typically the cost of printing on a desktop printer is three times higher than the price per page on an MMU Print printer. Therefore the vast majority of desktop printers will be removed and replaced with MMU Print printers (during Stage 3 of the project). Exceptions to this will be in place on disability grounds and for technical or specialist printing requirements. Please click here for more information about the Exceptions Request Process.

4. I have a student in my office and need to provide them with some information, how can I do this?

There are a number of options: email the information to them (either in advance of the meeting, where possible, or during the meeting), show them the information on your monitor, or they could accompany you to the nearest printer if they need a paper copy.

An increasing amount of information will also be available directly to students via Moodle and the Student Portal, therefore reducing the necessity for staff to provide as much hard copy information.

5. Have you considered the time it will take staff to walk to the new printers?

The new printers will be located reasonably close to all members of staff. Staff will be able to collect single documents or a number of documents at each visit or when passing any MMU Printer (in any building and at any site). Some time saving will be made as staff will no longer be required to order and replace toner and paper for individual desktop printers (the new printers automatically reorder toner and both toner and paper replacements will be managed centrally).

6. Will my needs be taken into consideration?

The IT Services team will be visiting all sites to review current printers and their locations. Your needs and the needs of your department are important and will be taken into consideration to ensure the printer(s) chosen will be the best 'fit' for the location and your requirements. If you think you have grounds for keeping a desktop printer (on disability grounds or for specialist printing requirements) you can submit a Desktop Printer Exceptions Form to your line manager for consideration by the MMU Print Project Team. For more details, please read about the Consultation Process.

7. Where will the printers be located?

The printers will be located throughout the University and location details will be provided and updated on this website. Please go to printer location details.

8. What if the printer breaks down or has a paper jam?

Any problems with the printers should be reported to the IT Helpline (on 0161 247 4646 or

9. The new printer is not working, where can I print?

All members of staff can use any of the new printers that are fitted with a swipe card reader in any building and at any campus. You just need to identify yourself, either by swiping your staff card or entering your staff ID number at the printer and your print jobs are displayed and ready to print. To find more printers please go to printer location details.

10. How do I use the printers?

Easy to follow operating instructions should be displayed by each printer, and more information and user guides are available on the IT Services website here.

11. What happens to the current equipment being taken out of service?

We are considering several options for the removal of the current printers/copiers etc. Some machines may be bought back by DTP (the new print partner) and recycled. Other machines will be disposed of through the normal disposal process in partnership with the environmental team's policy on waste and recycling collection.

12. Once I've sent a print job, how long will it be saved for printing?

Print jobs will be saved for 48 hours. After 48 hours any unprinted jobs will be erased from your print account. But you can resend the print job at any time.

13. How confidential and secure is my work?

Print jobs are stored on a central server and not on the printers. Therefore, printing is only activated at the point when you use your swipe-card or enter your staff ID number into the printer to retrieve your print job, confidentiality and security is higher than ever.

14. Who is the MMU Print partner?

MMU's Print partner is DTP. They are a national company with offices in Leeds, Newbury, London and Glasgow and have been working in partnership with MMU (previously Manchester Polytechnic) since 1987.

DTP specialises in working with the Higher Education Sector and currently represents 51% of the National NEPA Contract covering the supply of Printers and MFD devices, servicing, support and consultancy services to the Higher Education community. DTP's HEI clients include Leeds Metropolitan University, Teeside University, Brunel University, and the University of West England.

For more information about DTP please go to

15. Will I be able to print wirelessly and/or from home?

This system is being developed and we will communicate to all staff when this is available.

16. How is printing charged?

Every member of staff will have just one cost centre - regardless of how many departments or projects they may work for. The decision was jointly made by Finance and the MMU Print Project Board, mainly because breaking down the cost centres for each person's printing is both time consuming administratively and unnecessary (because ultimately MMU pays for printing). The cost centres are provided by Finance and are matched to the cost centres that pay for each member of staff. For more information please contact us at

17. Will scanners currently used by staff be affected by MMU Print?

No. As scanners don't impact on printing or paper usage these will not be affected or changed by MMU Print. The new printers do also have the function of scanning to email (as well as printing and copying) - so scanning will be more accessible to all staff.

18. I've forgotten my MMU staff ID card - can I still print?

Yes. If you have forgotten your MMU staff ID card you can also identify yourself at any of the new printers by manually entering your MMU Staff ID number and regular PC password (the same you would use on a regular PC or other network-connected computer).

19. I've lost my staff ID card, what should I do?

Contact HR to cancel your lost card and to arrange for a replacement to be issued. The relevant HR contacts can be found on the HR website at Whilst you are waiting for your new card you can still access your printing by manually entering your staff ID number and password on the printer control panel.

20. Can I print labels, envelopes and acetates?

Yes, any item that can print to a normal laser printer can be used in the new printers (by using the manual feed tray).

21. How do I print on letter-headed paper?

Each printer has a manual feed tray through which letter headed paper can be fed. In addition letter headed paper can be used in the large paper drawers for any printers which are not in open access areas (i.e. secure offices) and therefore do not have locks on the paper drawers.

22. Can I print more than one copy of a document once I am at the printer?

Yes, from the printer you can select how many copies of a document you want to print out.

23. Can scanning be done on the auto feeder?


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