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IT Services are responsible for all the Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) at MMU. The MFPs are available to staff and students at all locations across the university and offer:

  • Black and white (mono) printing at A4 and A3 on every MFP
  • Full colour printing at A4 and A3 on most MFPs
  • Scanning and photocopying in A4, A3 and custom sizes up to the maximum size of the glass.

In addition to the MFPs, we also have networked A0 Colorwave Large Format Printers (LFPs) in Art & Design.

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How to pay for printing

Students can pay for their printing in cash at any of our payment kiosks, or online with the Met card or a credit/debit card.

  • Click here to enter the online payment system
  • Click the ePay button
  • Your MMU email address will be displayed. Enter the amount you wish to pay, and click Accept
  • Choose a payment card, such as your Met card or credit/debit card
  • Check and enter your billing details as requested

NB: Only use your ID card on the MFPs themselves - not your Met Card

Need a refund?

If something has gone wrong with your printing and you need your money to be refunded, please contact the IT Helpline on 0161 247 4646 who will be able to assist.

NB: Please do not top up your MMU Print quota with too much credit, as refunds will not be given at the end of your studies.

How much does it cost to print?

Multifunctional Printers (MFP)
A4 black & whitesingle-sided5p
A4 coloursingle-sided20p
A3 black & whitesingle-sided10p
A3 coloursingle-sided40p

Wide format printing (sometimes referred to as 'large format printing') is charged by square inch rather than by page. The costs involved in printing your own work on the wide format printers is given below.

However, if you don't need to do this kind of printing as a normal part of your studies, you might prefer to check out the service offered by Print Services

How to use mobile printing

You can send your document to print on a MFP from anywhere by using email.

  • Use your MMU email address - no other email address will work
  • Include your document as an attachment
  • Email to
  • Collect from any MMU MFP within 48 hours of sending.

Things to remember:

  • Works with most major file types (images, PDFs and office documents) up to 20MB in size
  • Printing in colour or mono is determined by the type of printer you use
  • Images are printed at their actual size, documents at the printer's default document settings
  • The whole document is printed, so to print specific pages export them to a standalone document
  • Double-sided printing as standard
  • Mobile printing is unavailable for wide format printing

Our mobile printing service has been up and running for a while now and we hope you've found it useful. Why not let us know how you've got on with it by filling in our feedback form?

How to use the Multi-Functional Printers (MFP)

How to use the wide format printers

Print Services

Print Services offer students and staff a range of printing and binding services, with prices on request.

We offer a range of high quality, professional print services, all on-campus and at prices that you can afford:

  • High volume printing - the fastest, most cost effective solution when you have lots to print
  • Large format printing - need to make an impact? Go large! We can produce posters up to A0 as standard, bigger for banners!
  • Binding - we can pull all of your work together for you... and keep it that way! with a whole host of formats to choose from
  • Laminating and high quality finishes for your documents, dissertations, workbooks and publications.

Find out more:

Our offices are open between Monday and Friday at the times shown below:

John Dalton (central)(0161 247) 34227am -
MMU Cheshire(0161 247) 55768.45am -

Print Connect - the Digital Store Front

A web-based job submission portal is also available for staff at the Digital Store Front, where reprographic requests can be made with minimal paper work and turnaround time. We accept all types of work, from a simple over-the-counter service to complex document copying and compilation. We have an extensive range of print materials to suit every shape, size and style of document.

Please note: this service is not currently available to students.

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