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Emma Stopford

Product Designer

Fairytale vase

Polished pewter with incised decoration, made by Wentworth Pewter, hand made · boxed Watertight, suitable for the display of some flowers (do not add flower food to the water)

from 5cm to 7cm wide × 21cm high

Graduated from MMU
  • BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design 2008
portrait of Emma Stopford

‘Studying at MMU enabled me to find out about design competitions, and, with the help of the lecturers, get some of my designs manufactured.’ Emma’s work tends to be very simple and low-tech and focuses on how we form relationships with products, whether they have interactive elements and can be played with or whether they are decorative and look personal.

‘I like the idea that a product becomes valuable when we form an attachment to it, like the attachment we have with many of our childhood belongings, and how this value combats the throw-away society that seems to be currently developing.’

Inspiration, for her, comes from designers like Tord Boontje and his highly patterned Wednesday Light, and Matali Crasset, who incorporates a lot of interaction through play into her designs as well as looking at subjects like comfort and hospitality. ‘The objects which I enjoy designing the most are those that are simple but functional, playful and lovely to own.’