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Wednesday 1st March 2017


The event is planned for Spring 2017, details and location to be confirmed.

Portrait of Devo-Youth

The Manchester Fashion Institute at Manchester Met. hosts a Fashion and Business Saturday Club in collaboration with The Sorrell Foundation and the British Fashion Council. This year 24 13-16 year olds from 13 schools across greater Manchester joined the club and had opportunity to learn about and practice fashion. One of the key findings from the project has been the importance of the club in identifying and developing the participant’s sense of personal style, identity and belonging.

The capturing of this moment in a young persons developing sense of identity will be further investigated in
a forthcoming workshop series for 13-16 year olds, recording identities of youth in a wider context, and enabling Manchester Youth to create personal archives and to reflect on and articulate their current, past and future selves.

Working in partnership with the Manchester Youth Council, Fashion Design and Promotion staff will host a series of interactive workshops exploring Style & Identity. In response participants will create work in collaboration with the staff team, using traditional and digital media to form a portrait of Devo-Youth, culminating in a public exhibition in Spring 2017.

The aim is to re-visit the project in future to re-connect the participants, capturing the voices of a generation before, during and post devolution.  

The event is planned for Spring 2017, details and location to be confirmed.

Fashion and Business Saturday Club

The Sorrell Foundation

British Fashion Council

Manchester Youth Council


For more information, please contact:

Jo Jenkinson


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