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Tuesday 25th April 2017

Masterclass: How to Create a Culture of Trust in your Business

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships” - Stephen Covey

You can try to manage performance, instil a healthy culture and create a positive team spirit as much as you like.

But if you don’t trust your team and if your team don’t trust you, then you will come up against numerous barriers.

In this session we will help you to identify what ‘trust’ really means. You will identify how to build it, how to sustain it and how to rebuild it when it’s lost.

You will discover practical techniques to build trust with both your customers and your team including:

  • Identify what trust really means and why it’s key to the success of your team
  • An introduction to the 5 stages of the ‘Trust Ladder’.
  • Assess where you and your team are on the ‘Trust Ladder’. Are your team at ‘Total Trust’ or they at ‘Deception’ and Revenge’?
  • An introduction to the ‘CORE’ model to highlight mistrust; Certainty, Options, Reputation and Equity. Where are your team and why?
  • Recognise practical ways of building trust across 4 main areas; Intent, Integrity, Capability and Consistency
  • What happens when it all goes wrong? - Identify tangible ways to rebuild trust

Our Speaker – MIKE ODE. Mike is joint owner and Director of training company Potential Unearthed. As lead Training Specialist he delivers many courses and programmes in Skills training, Management Development and One to One Coaching. He can also be seen regularly speaking at numerous business events up and down the country in his role as a seasoned Public Speaker (he says he’s a frustrated comedian). Mike has worked for clients such as – Hill Dickinson LLP, Bruntwood, CarillionAmey, DWF, Capita and Lancaster University.

For more information, please contact:

Abigail Knox

Tel: 0161 247 3916


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