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Governance and Secretariat Team:
From the Boardroom

The Board of Governors meets five times a year. One of these meetings is a joint Board and University Executive Group strategy meeting.

Relatively soon after each meeting ‘From the Boardroom’ is issued to update staff and students on latest developments discussed by the Board of Governors.

30 June 2017 Issue Number: 84
  Vice-Chancellor's Briefing/Education Strategy/Phase One Estate Masterplan Investment Programme/2017/018 Budget & Financial Forecasts/Information Systems Strategic Investment Roadmap/Student Journey Transformation Programme/Student Code of Conduct/Academic Board Membership/Board Effectiveness Review/Board Membership
31 March 2017 Issue Number: 83
  Vice-Chancellor's Briefing/Cheshire Campus/Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy/Internationalisation Strategy/Estate Strategy/Information Systems Strategy/Student Journey Transformation Programme/2018/19 Access Agreement/Fundraising/Annual Review of Academic Quality and Standards/Board Membership
25 November 2016 Issue Number: 82
  Vice-Chancellor's Briefing/Cheshire Campus/Performance against Strategic Targets and Key Performance Indicators/Financial Statements/Draft Estate Strategy 2016-2026/Ormond Project Outline Business Case/International Screen School Manchester/Annual Assurance Return and Sustainability Report/Audit Committee Annual Return/Annual Statement on Research Integrity 2015/16/Annual Report on the Implementation of the Prevent Duty/Modern Slavery Act Statement/Academic Board Update
24 June 2016 Issue Number: 81
  New Strategic Framework 2016-2021/Key Performance Indicators and Targets/Outcome of EU Referendum/League Table Successes/Faculty Structures/Higher Education Bill/2016/17 Budget and Financial Forecasts to 2018/19/Arts and Media Project/Academic Board Update/Board Effectiveness/Board Membership/Chair and Deputy Chair
18 March 2016 Issue Number: 80

New Strategic Framework 2016-2021/Higher Education Green Paper/Scheme of Delegation/Access Agreement/Research and Knowledge Exchange/Annual Review of Academic Quality and Standards/Academic Board Update/Board Membership/Chair and Deputy Chair

27 November 2015 Issue Number: 79
  Higher Education Green Paper/Spending Review/New Strategic Framework 2016-2021/Financial Statements/Financial Forecasts/Annual Sustainability Assurance Return/External Auditors/Annual Statement on Research Integrity/Statement of Primary Responsibilities/Board Committee Structure/Academic Board Update
26 June 2015 Issue Number: 78
  Vice-Chancellor's Introduction/New Strategic Framework 2016-2021/Corporate Strategy Update/2015/16 Budget and Financial Forecasts to 2017/18/Financial Regulations/Academic Board Update/Student Hot Topics/Board Membership
20 March 2015 Issue Number: 77
  Estates Strategy 2006-2014/Fred McDwyer/Retirement of Vice-Chancellor/Research Excellence Framework/Access Agreement/Annual Review of Academic Quality and Standards/Academic Board Update/Student Hot Topics/Student Progression/Employability/Board Membership
28 November 2014 Issue Number: 76
  Financial Statements/Financial Forecasts/Annual Sustainability Assurance Return/Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech/Progression/Academic Board Update/Internationalisation Strategy Update/Student Hot Topics/Audit Committee Terms of Reference/Vice-Chancellor Recruitment/Director of Services
27 June 2014 Issue Number: 75
  Student Recruitment Update/Employability, Employment and Enterprise Strategy/2014/15 Budget and Financial Forecasts to 2016/17/Research Strategy Committee/Performance Against Corporate Strategy Objectives 2012-2017/Student Hot Topics/New Programmes/Board Membership/Board Equality and Diversity Champion