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 Service Delivery Co-ordination Team

Staff Resources for Annual Updating Programme for Hubs

To ensure a consistent and excellent service is delivered to our students, the Service Delivery Co-ordination Team is committed to working with Faculty and Campus SAS, Student Hubs and Student Life teams to provide cross-university co-ordination in the following areas:

Student Hubs

  • Central Services Liaison
  • Communication Strategies
  • Service Statements
  • Customer Service Standards
  • Common Processes
  • System Support & Development
  • Surveys and Statistics
  • Web-based Information
  • Networks and Forums
  • Benchmarking
  • Students' Union Liaison


Welcome and Induction

  • Student Induction and Transition
  • Annual Induction Programme


Customer Service Excellence

The Service Delivery Co-ordination Team provide support to the Student Hubs in their application for the Customer Service Excellence Award. Please visit the Customer Service Excellence webpage to find out more.

The team also provides direct student-facing and staff support service in both Online Enrolment and Online Graduation.

We would welcome your feedback on the current services provided through the Student Hubs or any potential services that may be employed. Please contact us regarding any of the activities that we are responsible for.

Contact Information for Service Delivery Co-ordination Team
Tel: +44 (0) 161 247 5959 / Email: