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Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) – Student Information

DSAs are grants to help pay the extra costs you may have as a direct result of your disability, long-term health condition, mental-health condition, or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia. You don’t have to pay these back and they are not means tested.

Full details about DSAs can be accessed here, alternatively you can contact LDS to discuss this further.

Reimbursement of Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) awarded by Student Finance England:  computer contribution by student

The Government has introduced changes to DSAs awarded by Student Finance England, (SFE), which means that, from the academic year 2015/16, students who are awarded computer equipment as a part of their DSA must contribute £200 towards its cost. This amount has to be paid in advance of receipt of the equipment. The Government statement about these changes can be found here.

MMU has made arrangements for the academic year 2015/16 for the most financially disadvantaged students to be able to apply for reimbursement for part or all of their £200 contribution.

  • This funding is available to enrolled full time undergraduate students in receipt of Maintenance Grant only.
  • The Disability Service will advise students about the £200 contribution and will provide the appropriate claim form, along with guidance as to how to make an application.
  • All students must pay the £200 before receiving their computer equipment.
  • Students who receive a Maintenance Grant as part of their SFE funding award may apply for reimbursement. Those students in receipt of the highest level of Maintenance Grant will be reimbursed the full £200, with £50 incremental reductions - £150, £100 etc. for those students in receipt of smaller grants, reflecting the incremental Maintenance Grant levels.
  • Applications open on 21st September 2015.
  • Enrolled part time, postgraduate and/or non-income assessed students may apply to the Access to Learning Fund (ALF) for reimbursement. Application will be subject to the same rules as apply for any other application to this particular fund, therefore please read the guidance carefully.
  • Please contact the Disability Service if you have any further questions.