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Information for Study Needs Assessors

Please note that the Disability Service was previously known as the Learner Development Service; our documentation and electronic resources are in the process of being amended to reflect this.

MMU Disability Service has attempted to provide comprehensive information of relevance to Study Needs Assessors and hope you will read the ‘Note for Assessors” and use the information provided as your primary source of information. Please click on each link to access additional information.

All MMU disabled students who have met with us for a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) are allocated to a named adviser, who will be able to assist you for queries related to a specific student.
There may be situations when you require specific information not included in the below resources. If so, please contact the Disability Service on 0161 247 3491

General Information

    Note for Assessors

    • Please can you make contact with the Disability Service if you have any queries relating to reasonable adjustments.
    • The Disability Advisers are responsible for communicating reasonable adjustments within the university by following set procedures and have to take into consideration course competencies and the MMU Assessment Regulations. Managing student expectations around assessments is extremely important and our preference would be for Assessors to include a generic statement such as:

      “At MMU, reasonable adjustments for examinations are recommended by the Disability Service and communicated through a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) or equivalent, in line with university procedures. You are strongly advised to meet with your disability adviser to ensure that any adjustments that may be needed are discussed and, where appropriate, implemented”.

    • This is to avoid recommendations being made that may not be possible to implement e.g. ‘Proofreading’ or ‘Prompters in exams’.

    Course Information

    General Course Information for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses can be accessed on the MMU home page:

    For access to detailed course specifications, both undergraduate and postgraduate, please use: which provides definitive course information compiled by the MMU Centre for Academic Standards and Quality Assessment (CASQE).
    Specific timetables can be accessed by pre-entry students via their Induction Portal and by enrolled students via their Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle).

    Embedding reasonable adjustments in the curriculum (ERAC)

      From 2016/17, Manchester Met intends to have ERAC in place institution wide. Through ERAC, we aim to provide learning support for students with mild to moderate Specific Learning Difficulties (including dyslexia) by embedding reasonable adjustments into the curriculum design and delivery as a whole, thus providing an inclusive learning environment that benefits all students e.g. learning materials being made available 48 hours in advance, important references and sources to be visually displayed

    Assessment Regulations

      The Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes of Study can be found at:

      Assessment Regulations for disabled students are provided in Appendix 4. These are currently under review; revised information will be provided as it is published. N.B. Institutional regulations, course requirements and the requirements of Professional Bodies cannot be over-ridden by Personal Learning Plans or by any recommendations made in connection with the support of disabled a student e.g. in the Study Needs Assessment Report.

    • It is the policy of MMU that examination scripts are normally written by hand. Where a PC is required, the spellchecker will be disabled.
    • The use of a prompter is not allowed in MMU examinations.
    • If a reader is required, the invigilator provides this service at no additional cost or, if this is not possible, an audio recording is provided.
    • Use of assistive technology is only allowed if there is no other way of effectively meeting the requirement to make a reasonable adjustment.
    • Manchester Met recruits and trains support workers to act as scribes in exams in order to provide a consistent level of competence and practice. For the purpose of recommending this support from DSA for pre -16/17 MMU students, the supplier is the Disability Service at Manchester Metropolitan University and the cost is £12/hour.

    MMU In House NMH Provision (Band 1/2 support)

      The Disability Service will determine support requirements based on student ‘need’. Technological solutions, e.g. recording of lectures, will normally be considered first and should meet the needs of most students. 1-1 notetaking support can be arranged if the Disability Service feels there is no reasonable technological/software solution.

      Library staff will endeavour to assist disabled students in the library and technical staff will aim to provide assistance in laboratories. If there is any difficulty in meeting the student’s needs, alternative options will be explored e.g. using agency staff.

      If further information is required. please contact us on 0161 247 3491

    £200 contribution to DSA computer IT equipment

      MMU provides a partial or full reimbursement of the £200 student contribution to IT equipment to full time undergraduate students who have been income assessed and have a household income of £42,875 or below (please note, NHS funded students are not eligible).
      Students will be advised about this upon enquiry to the Disability Service and/or when they meet an adviser for the production of their Personal Learning Plan (PLP).

Dyslexia Support

The University has two full-time specialist tutors, who teach study skills in small groups to students with a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

Assistive Technology Tutor

The University has an Assistive Technology Specialist to help students get the best from their studies. Workshops and 1-1 support is available for Mind View and Read & Write Gold.

    MMU In-House provision of study support available to all students

    MMU has a variety of free sources of support open to all students, which can be accessed without the need for referral.

      Student Support Officer (SSO) There is at least one Student Support Officer based in each Faculty and they are available throughout the year to provide advice and guidance to students on any aspect of University life, including, inter alia:

      • Finding their way around campus and Manchester
      • Managing their time
      • Presentation skills
      • Essay writing
      • Exam tips
      • Dealing with stress
      • Getting the best from their course
      • Signposting students to other relevant sources of information and advice around their campus and the city

      Study Skills on-line

        Current students can use their MMU ID to access a Skills Online resource on Moodle. The resource includes sections on writing essays and reports, time management, referencing, presentations and much more.

      The Writing Project
        A free 10-week course to help students to develop their academic writing skills. This course is for any MMU-enrolled student who would like to improve the way they write at university level, although its focus is not just on academic writing.

        The course will focus mainly on style, punctuation, grammatical accuracy, organisation and how to paraphrase and summarise effectively. The premise is that all students can improve their English, whether they are undergraduates, postgraduates or PhD students.

      English Language Services for International Students (ELSIS)

        ELSIS offers free English language classes, and one-to-one tutorials in person or on-line for all international students at Manchester Met. For more information: ELSIS

      The Numeracy Project
        The Maths Café offers student to student support with numeracy needs, including general maths skills, Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) tests and statistics and the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS). Support is free, confidential, informal and friendly and can be found at pop up locations across the All Saints Campus.

      Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service

        The Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service offers assessment, one to one counselling, a psychotherapy group, psychiatric and mental health support, referral and liaison with other services. They also run a programme of workshops and courses on a variety of issues such as developing assertiveness, overcoming low mood and procrastination; details are on the website.

      Software and accessibility

        Information on free software (e.g. Office 365, SPSS, Minitab, NVivo) is available for students to download:

        Online and printed guides are available for students, including magnifier, on-Screen Keyboard, narrator and high contrast display settings:

        Software currently available on all MMU computers(site license):
      • Inspiration 8.0b (until 2018 only) – Manchester Met is aiming to have MindView in place from September 2016
      • texthelp Read & Write 10 (n.b. not Gold version) – Manchester Met is aiming to upgrade this to the ‘Gold’ version from September 2016

      Printing Facilities

        Students with an MMU ID/login can expect to benefit from high spec IT Zones, a dedicated student Wi-Fi network, email and internet access, state-of-the-art multifunctional printers and scanners Further information is available here:

      Library Provision - Opening hours (the All Saints campus library is open 24/7)
        The university’s library service is committed to making sure that all “core/essential reading” materials are available to students in the library; in addition, it also attempts to make all ‘further reading’ materials available. Where students identify materials missing from the library, the library will then attempt to purchase them; if it is not possible to purchase the materials, the library will inform the department and advise them to remove the material from the reading list.

        The library always tries to purchase e-books as well as printed versions.
        If students require books in other formats, this is identified in the student’s Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and is arranged through liaison between the student, the library and the student’s academic department.

        Visually Impaired Students
        If a visually impaired student requires resources in an electronic format this will be identified on his/her PLP. MMU Library Service has an identified procedure for the identification and provision of materials in accessible (electronic) format. If the required material is not already available in MMU Library nor available for purchase in electronic format/available for Library staff to digitise under normal procedures the library staff will contact the publisher to request an electronic version.

      Accessible Facilities for study

        There is a 2 desk accessible study room within the Library premises, All Saints, Manchester Site, available by booking only, 1.00 – 17.00, drop in at other times. Use of this facility must be identified in the student’s Personal Learning Plan as a reasonable adjustment for individual students.

      • Automation of door with swipe access
      • 2 Desktop PCs – HP Z239
      • 1 iMac
      • Ergonomic furniture – 3 electric height adjustable desks, adjustable chairs, low level armchair
      • Two scanners – HP Scanjet 5590P Flat bed
      • Large text keyboard – Geemarc Standard
      • Large screen monitors – 27” with adjustable arms
      • CCTV/ Optical character recognition (OCR) reader connected to existing hi spec pc
      • Software - ZoomText 9.1
      • Kurtzweil 1000
        Inspiration 8.0b
        Texthelp Read & Write 10 (n.b. not Gold version)
      • Desk Lamp
      • Stand-alone Magnifier – SmartZoom 7000
      • Various mice, joysticks, trackerballs, wrist supports
      • Additional power sockets and USB points for student use

      • In addition iMacs are available in the 1st and 5th floor study areas and a total of 12 high contrast keyboards (6 x white/ black and 6 x yellow/black) are available at the accessible workstations located throughout the Library.
        The Cheshire Campus Library has a study room, large enough for wheelchair access, in which students may book sessions to work with their Study Skills Coach.

      Peer Mentoring

        The Peer Mentoring scheme has been set up by the Disability Service and the Widening Participation Team at MMU in recognition that disabled and dyslexic students new to MMU may have a number of questions about university life and studying at university. Our Peer Mentors other disabled students who have completed at least a year of study at MMU and they have all attended training sessions in order to become mentors.

        The Disability Service offers all prospective students who have a disability or a specific learning difficulty the opportunity to have a student mentor during the pre-entry period and throughout the first year of their course.
        Prospective students should contact us if they are interested:

      Support and Advice for all students


      MMU Student Hubs

      Careers and Employability

        Careers and Employability Service is located in the Employability Hub on the Ground Floor of the Business School. It provides information and advice for current undergraduate and postgraduate students, and for 3 years after their graduation, on (inter alia):

      • Individual appointments
      • Vacancies
      • Jobs for Students
      • A large range of resources, print and electronic
      • CV advice
      • Career planning and employability workshops
      • Volunteering opportunities

      MMU Student Union Advice
        MMU Student Union has a dedicated Advice centre which offers a free, independent and impartial service on all the main issues that affect students at MMU, including (inter alia):

      • Student funding
      • Housing
      • Academic problems
      • Tuition fees
      • Benefits
      • Money problems

      Student Finance Support