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Prospective students

Learner Development Service

A member of staff from Disability Service is often available at MMU Open days and Visit Days to offer advice on disability related issues. However, you can always phone or email us if you have any specific queries.

Manchester Metropolitan University is committed to providing equal opportunities in education for all students and will take reasonable steps to meet both the general need for access and the specific needs of individuals with additional support needs. The University works with disabled students to ensure they are not disadvantaged as a result of their disability.

Before accepting a place, disabled applicants should explore how the university might be able to meet any additional study support or accommodation needs they may have. This should be done at the earliest opportunity by contacting the Disability Service on 0161 247 3491 or

The University cannot commit itself to unlimited physical or other adjustments to meet the needs of individual students and having explored all available options, it may not be possible to implement all necessary adjustments.

When you apply

Disclose the disability/mental health condition or specific learning difficulty on the UCAS form.  This information is shared with the Disability Service, who will then send you an information pack.

All applications from disabled people will be considered against the same criteria as applied to other applicants in that a decision will be made that is based upon their academic merit and potential.  The judgement of an applicant's academic entitlement to a place on a course will be considered separately to the practical considerations relating to accessibility.

Once you have accepted a place

When studying in higher education there is support available from the University, and you can also apply to your funding body to see if you are eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances.

Students often find that their support arrangements are particularly time consuming to organise.

We therefore strongly advise that you make contact with the Disability Service and make an application for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) at least four months before the start of your course.  The process of applying for DSA can be started alongside the main student finance application. If you will be starting your course in September, please contact us before the end of May.

This is necessary to allow sufficient time for support arrangements to be put in place.
People with certain disabilities, please see below, may find that their support costs exceed the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) maximum.

If so, we may be able to look into alternative provisions and support you in making applications for additional funding to cover reasonable support costs.  If you do not make contact with us, you may miss deadlines for funding and this may affect the support you receive at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Please contact the Disability Service if you have a disability not listed below and require further advice and guidance.

Useful Guidance

I am blind or have a severe visual impairment

Please contact the Disability Service to discuss whether we need to arrange for you to visit the university to look at teaching spaces.

I have mobility difficulties or multiple disabilities

We are trying to ensure that all our teaching facilities are as accessible as possible, but please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check which teaching rooms you are likely to be using.  The Disability Service can arrange for you to visit the university to look at teaching spaces.

I am d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Please contact the Disability Service and make an application for Disabled Students’ Allowances as soon as possible as there are a limited number of BSL Interpreters and Communication Support Workers who are in high demand and can get booked up in advance

I need Personal Care assistance

If you need assistance with any aspects of personal care such as eating, shopping, cooking, toileting, or doing your laundry, this would normally be provided by your home Social Services and is something that you will have to organise yourself, the Disability Service provides support that is academic related and is not responsible for personal care arrangements.  As this is the student’s responsibility, you should contact your Social Services office to discuss your personal care requirements with them directly and have arrangements in place before you start your course. 

I would like to stay in University Accommodation

If you intend to live in university accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Office as soon as possible to discuss your access needs. 

You can contact the Accommodation Office direct on 0161 247 2958 (Manchester campuses) or 0161 247 5137 (MMU Cheshire)

Further information is available from the Accommodation Office