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Your Facilities at Elizabeth Gaskell Campus

Key Contacts

House Forepersons

Amy Overend x1372

Michael Leavy x1372

Cleaning, Portering
& Rubbish Disposal

Please contact your House Forepersons.

Mail Service




Catering for Meetings

Julie Davies x1383

Book hospitality

Car Parking

To arrange a car parking space for a visitor,
contact Reception x1391

Request a repair or report an emergency on-line

How do I?

Important numbers

Call x1334 for Emergencies

Call x1334 for Security

First Aid x1391

Where to eat

Didsbury Coffee Bar

more info
rate this venue

Vending Machines

more options

Opening Hours

Term time

Monday – Thursday 7.00am – 8.45pm

Friday 7.00am – 7.00pm

Weekends Closed

Vacation time

Note: Opening times may vary so please ask at Reception and check noticeboards for current information.

How can we help you?

Mail service

For questions or information about Mail Services in your building, please see our web pages. Should you need further assistance, please contact your local Mail Room on x2466. Alternatively, the Central Mail Room can be reached at: / x3421.

How efficient are the buildings on our campus?

See the energy use certificates for every building on each MMU campus.

Office Furniture?

To order office furniture, please follow the procedures found on the Facilities website.

Weekend Opening

To request a weekend opening of your building, contact your Facilities Team Leader.

Disabled Facilities

We have a list of facilities and access arrangements available for download.

Download details of Disabled Evacuation Facilities provided by the University

Facilities Manager

If you have a problem that you can’t sort out, please call the Facilities Manager.

Damion Shaw, Facilities Manager, x1386 Room 141, First floor, Administration Building and Saji Chacko, Assistant Facilities Manager, x1373, EG Central Area

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