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This survey will give you an opportunity to tell us about how you feel about working at Manchester Metropolitan University.

It is important to us to understand the views of colleagues. Everyone’s contribution makes a difference and we hope you will respond to this opportunity to share your experiences.

Your opinions and feedback will make a valuable contribution to shaping the implementation of the University Strategy.

About the survey

Who has designed the survey?

The survey has been designed in conjunction with ORC International - an independent business intelligence company. ORC are market leaders in the field of engagement research and work with over 300 organisations across all sectors, including Higher Education.

Can my views be identified?

Your individual views will remain strictly anonymous; neither ORC nor the University will be able to link responses to individuals. ORC belong to the Market Research Society, they are bound by a strict Code of Conduct to ensure confidentiality.

Results cannot be reported back on information that could be traced to an individual or group of less than 10 people, and below 30 for free text comments. The University Executive Group and managers will only see combined data reports to ensure your anonymity.

What does the University do with the results?

Once the survey has closed, ORC will collate, analyse and report your responses.

Major themes emerging from the survey will be fed back to you by the end of July at the latest, together with action plans following discussions with team leaders. We will also be able to benchmark the outcomes against other universities and organisations outside of our sector.

Your feedback will give us valuable insights into what areas we should prioritise in order to maximise our performance, achieve our strategic aims, and ensure that the University is a great place to work. Wherever possible we will address areas of concern, and in areas where we are doing well, we will look at how we can share best practice.

Next Steps

  • The survey will launch on Monday 6th March 2017
  • You will receive an email from ORC International containing a link to the staff survey
  • This will be sent to you from the following email address:
  • The survey has been kept deliberately short and focused and should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete
  • You will be given time to complete the survey during working hours and a paper-based version will be available for staff who do not have routine access to a computer
  • The survey will be open for a period of four weeks from Monday 6th March, and closes on Friday 31st March 2017

If you have not yet had a chance to respond, look out for a reminder email from Wednesday 29th March or use the link that has been sent to you from the following email address:

Response Rates

As of Thursday 23rd March, here are the top ten departments with the highest response rates:

• 77% - Talent, Engagement and Development
• 76% - Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
• 76% - International Office
• 73% - Business Planning and Reporting Services 
• 73% - HR Strategic Planning and Partnerships
• 73% - Vice Chancellors Office 
• 71% - Graduate School and Student Case Management 
• 68% - Recruitment and Admissions 
• 62% - Environmental Strategy 
• 62% - HR Service Centre and Specialist Information

If you have not had chance to give your feedback, you have until Friday 31st March to respond.


What is the survey all about?
Why are you doing one?
Do I have to do it?
What’s in it for me?
What happens to the information I give?
Who will see my answers?
If you have my email address/ details about my job, how can my answers be anonymous?
How secure is the e-survey?
How can I be sure that it is anonymous?
How will the results be used?
How do I get involved?
How long will it take?
Will I get time to do it?
I don’t have access to a computer at work, how can I take part?
What if I make mistake?
I use assisted technology, can I still take part?


For further information about the survey contact:

Deborah Snell
Employee Engagement Manager