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Staff Car Parking

The new Car Park Management system:
why we need to do it?

Following feedback from staff, Unions, the Student Union and the appeals process, the Car Parking Team have been working with Greater Manchester Transport Unit to create a bespoke online car parking application and allocation system.

The new system will be more equitable and quicker to use. The allocation criteria has been reviewed following consultation and feedback from last year's appeal process and will access a greater range of work and social based factors in order to allocate the finite number of car parking spaces to those staff with the highest need.

There will be some paper based applications available for those staff who may not have access to a computer or feel uncomfortable using the new online software but we really want to encourage everyone to try the online system. It is very quick, easy to use and will allow us to contact you at different stages of your application so you remain fully informed throughout.

You will need an MMU Login ID and password to access the system. For further information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Apply for a parking pass

Car Parking permit applications are now open for staff

Log in to apply now

Please contact the Travel Team for further information.

Details can be obtained from the Car Parking team using the contact details below. All applications should be completed on-line or returned to the Car Parking Office, Facilities, Cavendish First Floor, Manchester.

For general enquiries and further information please contact the MMU Travel Team on 0161 247 2989 or e-mail

How can I pay for Car Parking?

There are 2 options of payment. One way is to have your salary pay deducted according to your pay grade, as outlined in the following table.

Pay Grades Annual charge Monthly Rate Equivalent daily rate 1
Grade 2 £120 £10.00 55p
Grade 3 £140 £11.67 64p
Grade 4 £160 £13.33 73p
Grade 5 £180 £15.00 82p
Grade 6 £210 £17.50 95p
Grade 7 £250 £20.83 £1.14
Grade 8 £290 £24.17 £1.32
Grade 9 £350 £29.17 £1.59
Grade 10 £410 £34.17 £1.86
Grade 11 £450 £37.50 £2.05
Above Grade 11 £500 £41.67 £2.27

1 based on FT equivalent of 220 days per year; charges will be applied pro-rata to part-time staff

In accordance with HMRC guidelines, Manchester Met will no longer offer Salary Sacrifice on Car Parking. Current arrangements will remain until 31st December 2017.

The second option of payment is to use 'on-site' pay and display machines at 30p per hour and a maximum of £2.30 a day. Please also be aware that you MUST be accepted for a permit in order to access the car parks. A permit does not guarantee a parking space. The Car Parks will not be open to the public.

Car Park Locations

To find out where our car parks are located and which bays you can park in, please download the appropriate map:

Document Downloads

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  • Visitor Car Park Policy
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  • Visitor Parking Information
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