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Extra help for students with children or adult dependents
In addition to the tuition fee loan, student loan for maintenance and special support grant/maintenance grant, students with children or adult dependents could also be eligible for the grants detailed in the table below:


Who's eligible?

How much could I get?

Childcare Grant

Full-time students with dependent children in registered or approved childcare.

Up to 85% of your actual childcare costs, up to £159.59 a week for one child and up to £273.60 a week for two or more children. You will not have to repay this help.*

Parents Learning Allowance

Full time students with dependent children.

You could receive up to £1,617 a year to help with course related costs. You will not have to repay this help.*

Adult Dependants Grant

If you have a partner or another adult, usually a member of your family (but not any of your children), who depends on you financially.

You could receive up to £2,834 a year. You will not have to repay this help.*

*How much help you get depends on your income and that of your dependents (including your husband, wife or partner)

Students with dependent children are entitled to claim Child Tax Credit or Universal Credit.  For more information call the tax credit helpline on 0845 300 3900, drop into your local HM Revenue & Customs Enquiry Centre or visit You can also contact the Universal Credit helpline on 0345 600 023 or visit

Is there any extra help available for lone parents?
Yes, lone parents who started studying before 1st September 2016 may also be eligible for the Special Support Grant. This is a grant of up to £3,387.  If you receive the special support grant you will not receive the maintenance grant, however unlike the maintenance grant the special support grant will not affect how much student loan you receive. If you started studying after 1st Septemer 2016 you may be eligible for a higher maintenance loan rate.
Lone parents may also be eligible for some benefits, including housing benefit. Your Advice Centre at the Students Union can advise you on what welfare benefits, tax credits and student support package you may be able to receive.  You can contact the Advice Centre on 0161 247 6533 or email

When you have enrolled on your course you can also apply to the Access to Learning Fund. This is a discretionary fund so not everyone gets an award, but lone parents are a priority group when applying to the fund.