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National Student Survey · NSS

It’s all about you and your student experience

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The prize draw is now closed
but you can still take part
in the 2017 National Student Survey.

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The survey only takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete online and is totally anonymous.

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Why the NSS matters to us

The NSS is an important opportunity for you to reflect and feedback on your time here at Manchester Met. Alongside the other forms of student feedback we have invited you to contribute to during your time with us, the NSS is a chance for us to gather student views and opinions in order to shape student experience.

Your reflections help us to improve our services, facilities and the academic experience of our students.

Understanding the NSS Questionnaire

The NSS uses various academic or student experience terms – this page gives a quick list of what these terms mean for students at MMU.

Do remember that the NSS is trying to ascertain how you feel about your entire MMU experience over the three or four years that you have been with us.

Comprising 23 questions, the survey is completed during the second and third terms of your final year, and has been running since 2005/06. For MMU, the aim is to give final year students the opportunity to feedback on their learning, teaching and overall student experience.

What does the NSS mean when they ask about…

  • Teaching : refers to your personal teaching experience of the staff who have assisted you during your course – staff who make things interesting to you and explain with enthusiasm as well as challenging you to develop.
  • Assessment and Feedback : relates to the quality of assessment and feedback from your teachers, tutors and peers on all aspects of your work = MMU feedback is given in formal marks of assessments, but also collectively in lectures, seminars, tutorials, and individually via academic advising and office hours
  • Academic support : the person(s) who provide advice to you during your studies, at MMU this generally means your academic tutor, and can also include other academics and support staff who have assisted you throughout your studies.
  • Organisation and Management : about the day to day experience being a student at MMU – did the timetable work, were lectures and tutorials on time and was the overall experience generally of your course running smoothly?
  • Learning resources : this covers a wide range of the resources available to you as a student at MMU – including library, study materials, Moodle, study packs, periodicals, books and so on, across the full range of resources provided by the Library, IT Services and your course department.
  • Personal development : this refers to the areas which assist with your personal skills, confidence, communication and ability to tackle new situations – think back to when you started at MMU and how you have changed from the experience and the input from the MMU staff and fellow students.
  • Course : the whole degree programme which you are taking i.e. at MMU this is the degree course you are taking and your programme of study across the number of years that you have studied.

Who is eligible?

Students to be included in the NSS are selected through an automated process which identifies final year undergraduates and excludes the following groups of students:

  • Those studying at postgraduate or below HE level
  • Those included in the NSS target population in the previous year, whether or not they responded
  • Incoming exchange or visiting students
  • Those studying wholly or mainly overseas
  • Those who are not expected to complete within the survey year
  • Those on a short course of one year or less, or whose HE experience is one year or less
  • Those on closed courses
  • Those who were dormant for the whole year or suspended during the year
  • Those on HNCs

Get more detailed information on eligibility at the NSS website

Prize Draw
Terms and Conditions

Our University NSS prize draw is open to all eligible final year undergraduate students who opt in online through the National Student Survey website by midnight on Tuesday 28th February 2017. Please note that the prize draw is administered by Ipsos MORI.

You may receive an invitation to participate in the survey even though you are not in your final year. We would urge you to still participate in the survey this time around, as this will represent your only chance to do so. All students are able to opt out of the survey if they do not wish to complete it.

The winners will be notified by email on Monday 20th March 2017 and should be available for internal publicity before the end of spring term. The results will be announced on the Student Hub by Wednesday 22nd March. Best of luck!

Opt out of the
National Student Survey

If you would like to opt out of the survey, you can do so by visiting the National Student Survey website. This will prevent any further emails from Ipsos MORI.

If you continue to receive NSS communications or have any problems opting out, please send us an email at