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Welcome to MMU

Finding help and support

The Commitment

The Manchester Metropolitan University Commitment sets out expectations and responsibilities to ensure staff, students and the Students’ Union all play their role in creating successful graduates and a strong, sustainable University. This includes providing timely information on courses, examination arrangements and other requirements, giving prompt feedback and providing access to personal advice, guidance and support.

As an ambassador of Manchester Metropolitan University, you commit to working in partnership with university staff and its community in pursuing your academic and professional aspirations. As a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, you should engage actively with your course, take responsibility for managing your own learning and development and abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

Find out more about the Commitment.

Student Hubs and Support Officers

The Student Hub is your first port of call for face-to-face information on the University’s services and facilities. Each faculty has a student hub where you can drop in and get comprehensive advice and guidance on a wide range of course-related matters.

Find out more about Student Hubs.

A Students Support Officer is also based in each faculty and is available throughout the year to provide advice and guidance on any aspect of university life. This includes anything from dealing with stress, essay writing or managing your time efficiently.

Find your Student Support Officer.

Academic Support

If you are having difficulties with your course, get in touch with someone as soon as possible. Don’t leave it too late – it’s much easier for us to help you if we know you need academic support.

  • Unit leader – for individual units, contact details and office hours will be on Moodle and/or in the unit handbook.
  • Programme leader – if something is affecting your work across the whole course, your programme leader has an overview of the whole year (some large courses may have a year tutor). Contact details will be in the programme handbook and/or the programme Moodle area.
  • Personal tutor – if you have a personal tutor, you will have been provided with their name and email address and you can contact them directly to get advice on how to proceed.

Disabled students

The Disability Service provides confidential advice, information and support to students who have an impairment that meets the definition of disability as defined in the Equality Act 2010. If you have a disability/impairment, dyslexia or an ongoing health condition, advisers can work closely with you, your academic department and other central services to ensure reasonable adjustments are in place.

Advisers will also advise you on additional sources of support that may be available to you within the University or externally and support you to access this. 

To help with transition, the Disability Service also operates a peer mentoring scheme for disabled students throughout the first year of study at MMU. To request a mentor or for further information please email

Find out more about the Disability Service.

Counselling and Wellbeing

If you are suffering from emotional and psychological problems while studying at the University, we have a qualified team of counsellors and a mental health adviser with extensive experience in helping students.

We want to support your learning and help you make the most of your experience at Manchester Metropolitan University. We therefore offer a range of workshops, courses, groups and individual help, all of which are easy to access.

Find out more about Counselling and Wellbeing services.

The Union’s Advice Centre

This is run by our Students’ Union and is where you’ll find experienced, trained staff offering specialist, student-centred advice when you need it. This includes practical help and support with academic issues, housing and finance. It’s also free and independent.

Find out more about the Advice Centre on the Students’ Union website.

IT support

Manchester Metropolitan University’s IT Services department provides over 45,000 students and staff with state-of-the-art, fast and reliable IT services both on and off campus.

From your first day to your graduation, we’ll support you with everything you need. Whether it’s getting your password sorted, accessing your emails, connecting to our speedy Wi-Fi or using one of our 370 new Samsung printers – we’re here for you.

We’ve even got a dedicated Print Services team to support you with your assignments and a friendly 24/7 IT Helpline if you are struggling!

Visit our IT Services website to find out about the wide range of services we offer, take a look at our help-guides if you get stuck and don’t forget to keep up to date with all things IT by following @MMU_IT on Twitter.

Residential advisers

At Manchester Metropolitan University, we believe that making the most of your university experience begins on the day you arrive.

Living in MMU halls isn’t just somewhere to stay, you will learn about communal living, become independent and develop a sense of belonging – all while having the time of your life!

Residential Advisers (RAs) are part of the Residential Life team and are based in halls. They provide advice, information about activities and how to get involved – this all begins by introducing flatmates to one another and to their neighbours.

If you have a question or want to talk to your RA, email:

Alternatively, if you require support or assistance please contact

If you require information about your accommodation please email or visit the Accommodation website.

Staying safe


  • Lock all doors and windows
    Half of all student burglaries happen due to an open door or window. Before leaving your room, ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked.
  • Don’t leave your valuables on show
    When you leave your room keep any keys, money or attractive items hidden out of sight.
  • Register your property
    Sign up to Immobilise, the free property register that helps police trace any stolen items and return them back to you.

Cycle theft

  • Mark your bike
    Make a note of your bike’s model and serial number and mark the frame of your bike with your permanent home postcode and house number.
  • Buy a D-lock
    Ensure you buy a good quality D-Lock for your bicycle, preferably one with the Sold Secure certification (these are available from University Security Services).
  • Use the cycle racks
    Secure your bicycle frame to the cycle racks provided and remember to check for quick release wheels as these will also need to be secured.

Robbery / theft from person

  • Stick together
    Keep to busy and well-lit streets, don’t take shortcuts and always walk in a group.
  • Don’t advertise
    Using a mobile phone whilst walking advertises the fact that you have a piece of valuable property and attracts attention.
  • If you are being followed
    Keep to busy well-lit streets, get on public transport or get in a taxi. In Manchester, you may also head to one of the Student Safe Zones located on Oxford Road and Wilmslow Road. These are safe havens for anyone being followed, feeling vulnerable or unwell. You can wait for the problem to pass, book a taxi or call the Police if required. Premises signed up to the Student Safe Zone scheme will feature a sticker promoting the fact that they are one of the zones.

University Security Services

Our Manchester campus and Cheshire campus provide a 24-hour security service, 365 days of the year for the protection of students, staff and visitors. Both campuses are covered by state-of-the-art CCTV systems and regularly patrolled by Security Patrol Officers who can be despatched to any incident.

Useful Numbers


  • Non-emergency: 101
  • Emergency: 999

University Security Services

  • Manchester campus: 0161 247 1334
  • Cheshire campus: 0161 247 5200
  • Emergency: 0161 247 2222