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What is MMU Futures?

MMU Futures is a dynamic awards scheme aimed at supporting you to develop your skills through an extensive programme of interesting workshops, short courses, activities, events and volunteering. It is designed to be fun and enjoyable, offering you valuable and meaningful extra-curricular opportunities, with the chance to have your achievements recognised by an award.

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Please note that the MMU Futures award is changing. Information on the new scheme will be available on the Careers and Employability website before the start of the new term in September.

Students already participating in the current scheme will be able to transfer to the new award.

For queries please contact Helen Lord on

MMU Futures' Values


What are the skills and experiences employers are looking for? How do you stand out when the current economic climate makes the job market so competitive?

MMU Futures aims to give you meaningful skills and experiences to improve your portfolio and help you demonstrate to employers you have that added edge!

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MMU Futures works towards educating and informing both staff and students, alongside the wider-community, about the importance of sustainable lifestyles.

The programme gives you the tools and knowledge to live a more sustainable, less wasteful life; and the agency to educate others to do so.

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MMU Futures offers you more than just the opportunity to improve your professional skills, it allows you to work on your personal development too.

Volunteering in the local and wider community is the ideal way to make a positive impact on the world around you, whilst allowing you to develop yourself into a more ethical, thoughtful and well-rounded individual.

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Global Awareness

We live in a world where people work and live in international settings, and the things we do and choices we make can have a worldwide impact.

MMU Futures aims to give you the opportunities to develop your global skills, experience and knowledge through opportunities which have an international perspective. Through language learning, workshops, volunteering, personal reflection and even studying abroad, you’ll gain a better understanding of cultural awareness and what it means to be a global citizen, to help shape your own global future.

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