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Web Publishing Guidelines

The University's Web Team has produced a set of guidelines which detail best practice for web development at Manchester Metropolitan University. These guidelines are in addition to the University's Web Publishing Requirements.

The Guidelines also contain details of the University Web Template which is available for use for official University publications.

Please note: The information provided is to support web authors who currently maintain websites that use the old web template. A new set of guidelines will be supplied in due course to support the roll out of the new web templates. For more information, please email the Web Team.

The Guidelines are recommended reading for anyone who is about to embark on a web publishing project. It is hoped that all web publishers will strive to meet as many of the guidelines as possible.

Mainly covering design, accessibility and usability issues the Guidelines also look at technical apects of web development in greater depth. Comments and feedback are always welcome.

The Guidelines are available in the following formats:
HTML version Background
University Template, Design, Accessibility and Usability
Technical Guidelines
Full PDF version

Other formats are available upon request.