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Policy Framework


The Governance and Secretariat Team has developed a Policy Framework which aims to provide guidance for all staff involved in policy development. The Framework includes guidance on the development, approval, publication and review of the University’s policies, strategies, regulations, institutional codes of practice and all other policy documents to help ensure that the University has relevant and up-to-date policies, strategies, regulations and codes of practice in place.

The following templates are available to help staff with developing policy documents:

Policy Template

The Policy Template sets out a proposed format for policy documents. This template can also be used for Codes of Practice, Guidelines, Procedures, etc.

Policy Development and Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

When developing a new policy, or reviewing a current one, it is important to ensure that it is fair, transparent, legal and consistently applied. It is also important to ensure that the proposed policy does not have a negative impact on anyone who may be affected by it.

The Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) Form should be completed to assist with the development of all policies and other official documents; not just those that appear to have high relevance in relation to equality and diversity issues. It is good practice to carry out EIAs on all policies being revised or reviewed before they are approved and implemented. Completion of the EIA Form does not need to be a time-consuming or difficult process but could raise some important questions in the development or review of policies.

Example Approval Routes

This document shows example approval routes for different types of policies. All policies should be supported by the appropriate member of UEG and submitted to UEG for approval. Depending on their content, policies may also need to be approved by Academic Board and/or its Sub-Committees or the Board of Governors and/or its Sub-Committees. Authors should refer to the terms of reference of the University's Boards and Committees to help with planning approval routes, these can be found at:

If you have queries or comments about the Policy Framework please contact Jane Holland on 3424 or For queries on the EIA process please contact the Equality and Diversity Team on 6494 or

A full list of University policies can be found on the Policies web page

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