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University Executive Group

The University Executive Group (UEG) is the University’s most senior leadership team. Led by the Vice-Chancellor, UEG is responsible for managing the University, developing and delivering strategic and operational plans, agreeing policies and ensuring implementation. The UEG is comprised of:

University Executive Group Meetings

The University Executive Group usually meets weekly on Tuesday mornings. The meetings are chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and are serviced by the Governance and Secretariat Team. View the UEG's terms of reference.


UEG meetings are usually busy meetings and agendas soon get full. To help with effective agenda planning, the Vice-Chancellor and Governance and Secretariat Team should be made aware of proposed agenda items as far in advance as possible and no later than 3 weeks before the UEG meeting.

Any agenda items for UEG meetings require a UEG Sponsor.

Meeting Papers

The quality of papers going to UEG meetings is very important to help facilitate efficient and effective meetings. All UEG meeting papers should:

  • Be strategic, clear and concise (not normally more than 5 sides of A4).
  • Contain clear recommendations/action required by UEG.
  • Be accompanied by a cover sheet which succinctly summarises the paper and makes clear any recommendations and action required by UEG.
  • Be written in Arial font size 12.
  • Contain numbered paragraphs with headings in bold.
  • Contain page numbers (to make it easier to refer to things during the meeting).
  • Be fully proof read to ensure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors.

Download Cover Sheet

Download Report Template

An example of a completed report and cover sheet is available here

Deadlines for Meeting Papers

  • Draft meeting papers should be submitted to the UEG Sponsor 2 weeks before the meeting to allow enough time for the UEG Sponsor to review and discuss the paper with the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Final versions of papers should be submitted to the Governance and Secretariat Team by no later than the Wednesday preceding the date of the meeting.
  • The agenda and meeting papers will then be circulated by the Governance and Secretariat Team to UEG on the Thursday preceding the date of the meeting.


If you have a query about UEG meetings, please contact:

  • Marie Morrissey, Head of Governance and Secretariat,, 0161 247 1390
  • Michelle Halliwell, Deputy Head of Governance and Secretariat,, 0161 247 3415