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CASQE, located within the central Student & Academic Services at All Saints, is responsible for the maintenance of academic standards, the management of collaborative provisions and the promotion of quality enhancement.

The role of CASQE is to:

  • Develop and implement policy which enables the University to assure itself about the quality and standards of programmes leading to its awards;
  • Support the quality management of the University’s taught provision in ways which promote development and improvement;
  • Provide a central resource and advice service for faculty and departmental staff;
  • Co-ordinate with other central services such as the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Strategic Planning & Management Information, and Research and Knowledge Exchange;
  • Assist in the development of new programmes and the review of existing provision;
  • Oversee the Continuous Monitoring and Improvement process;
  • Encourage and facilitate the full participation of students in the University’s academic quality management procedures;
  • Maintain and regularly review the University’s Academic Policies, Curriculum Frameworks and Institutional Codes of Practice
  • Ensure that the requirements of external quality and standards bodies such as QAA and PSRBs are addressed;
  • Preparation, co-ordination and assistance for external audits and reviews;
  • Oversee and support collaborative provision and academic partnership;
  • Administer the University’s arrangements for external examining.