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Definition, rationale and types of

All programmes of study are required to operate within the University’s Assessment Regulations. On occasion, however, there may be a rationale (most typically, requirements of a validating Professional, Regulatory or Statutory Body (PSRB)) for individual programmes to apply for variation or exemption from the Regulations.

VARIATION: Individual Regulations are not applied to students undertaking a particular Programme.

EXEMPTION: The University Assessment Regulations are not applied. PSRB-specific and/or a bespoke set of Assessment Regulations drawn from a combination of PSRB and Manchester Met Regulations are put in place. Full Exemption is approved for a programme leading to a University award only in exceptional circumstances.

A full list of Programmes with approved Variations and/or Exemptions from the Assessment Regulations is published on the inside cover of both sets of Regulations. Details of variations and/or exemptions are set out via the approved Programme Specification.

Programmes Undertaking Programme Approval,
Review or Modification (PARM) Activity

Where a programme is undergoing periodic review or modification, existing Variations and/or Exemptions remain in place unless there is a compelling reason for review.

Requests for new or additional Variations and/or Exemptions should be made in advance of the Programme Approval, Review or Modification activity. Requests should be flagged in the relevant Strategic Approval Form and a signed Variation to/Exemption from Assessment Regulations Form (PARM23) submitted to CASQE for consideration. Approval from AQSC must be received before the Panel event.

Programmes seeking Variation and/or Exemption
outside of PARM activity

Occasionally it may be necessary to request Variation and/or Exemption from the Assessment Regulations outside of Programme Approval Review PARM processes (for example, due to the introduction of new regulations by a PSRB). A Variation to/Exemption from Assessment Regulations Form (PARM 23) will be required for submission to CASQE. The Head of CASQE will make a recommendation on the proposal for consideration by the Academic Quality and Standards Committee.

Once approved, the Variation and/or Exemption should be reflected in the approved Programme Specification and a revised version submitted to CASQE for publication.

Further Support

Staff should direct queries about the Variations and/or Exemptions from the Assessment Regulations to the Centre for Academic Standards & Quality Enhancement (CASQE).