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Mission and Values

mission and values

The Marketing, Communications and Development team is committed to delivering the University’s mission: To be the UK’s leading university for world class professionals.

Mission Statement

Manchester Metropolitan University is dedicated to the success of all with the ability and motivation to benefit, meeting the needs of the professional and wider communities it serves through the excellence of its teaching, learning, research and scholarship.

University Values

To achieve this ambitious change in both culture and organisation it is important to operate within a clear set of University values:

  • to respect the rights of individuals.
  • to promote responsible, ethical and professional behaviour.
  • to promote diversity.
  • to achieve institutional goals through teamwork and flexible working
  • to invest in staff development.
  • to promote and reward outstanding performance.
  • to encourage creativity and enterprise.
  • to develop and disseminate new knowledge.
  • to promote global citizenship in our staff and students.


The objective of the University’s change agenda is to strongly position MMU within an expanded and diversified sector by a set of characteristics which define our vision:

  • place quality and employability as our top priorities.
  • place students first.
  • produce effective independent learners.
  • have a curriculum which is informed by high quality research, scholarship and enterprise.
  • be an enterprising organisation with enterprising staff and students.
  • support the social and economic development of the region through our expertise, research and other resources
  • to invest selectively and strategically in research.
  • promote, facilitate and achieve good social mobility for our graduates.