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MMU Staff Awards 2016

This year’s winners…

The winners were announced on Thursday 7th July.

MMU Staff Awards categories

  • Outstanding Innovation in Learning and Teaching

    • Image of an award winner

      Dr Darren Dancey on behalf of Dr Mohammad Hammoudeh

    • Image of an award winner

    • Dr Mohammad Hammoudeh Senior Lecturer School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology Faculty of Science and Engineering
    • Dr Carl Payton Reader in Biomechanics Department of Exercise and Sport Science Cheshire Campus

    This award recognises an individual who places innovative high quality learning and teaching at the heart of their work and is a model of best practice for all teaching staff at MMU.

    • Reflects on their practice, shares expertise and contributes to continuous professional development for the academic community.
    • Raises the profile of excellence in teaching and learning.
    • Supports their colleagues, for example through coaching and/or mentoring to develop their own teaching practice
    • Demonstrates innovative practice
  • Rising Star

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      Winners Dr Rory Shand and Ilona Gill

    • Image of an award winner

    • Dr Rory Shand Senior Lecturer Department of History, Politics and Philosophy Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science
    • Ilona Gill Executive Assistant Manchester School of Art Faculty SAS

    This category is for staff who have begun their career at MMU in the last 3 years and is not age specific. This award recognises an individual member of staff who has created or grasped an opportunity to substantially develop and grow in their role within the last 12 months.

  • Best Team

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      Birley Facilities and Domestic Services receiving their award

    • Image of an award winner

    • Facilities and Domestic Services (BIR) Facilities Services
    • Security Estates Services

    This award will recognise a collection of individuals working together who have made a significant and positive impact. This could be an established work team or a collection of individuals from different areas who have worked together collaboratively on a project or initiative. The award recognises a team that has demonstrated that the team as a whole, and every member of the team individually:

    • continually strives for excellence,
    • consistently provides exceptional support to other teams and/or students
    • demonstrate excellent team-working

    In nominating a team for this award you should give the correct title of the team. The membership of nominated teams will be checked with the team managers by the Award organisers and those staff listed, who are working at MMU at the time of the Award event will be included in the nomination.

  • Unsung Hero

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      Gail Spencer receiving her award

    • Image of an award winner

    • Gail Spencer Technical Officer Digital Services Faculty SAS
    • Joe Byrne Student Services Administrator Student Services (School of Art and HLSS) Faculty SAS
    • Steve Potts Assistant Student Services Officer Student Services (Hollings and S&E) Faculty SAS

    This award recognises an individual who:

    • Works diligently in the background.
    • Anticipates customer and/or colleagues needs.
    • For whom no job too much trouble.
    • Is the person that everyone turns to for support or solutions.
  • Exceptional Team Member

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      Bev Stevens collected the award on behalf of Dr Julie Armstrong

    • Image of an award winner

    • Dr Julie Armstrong Lecturer in Creative Writing Department of Contemporary Arts Cheshire Campus
    • Neil Wilson Senior Lecturer Department of Nursing Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care

    An exceptional team member who:

    • Fosters an excellent team spirit.
    • Demonstrates flexibility in their role and has a ‘can-do’ and pro-active attitude.
    • Is invariably co-operative, helpful and supportive.
    • Utilises and passes on knowledge and experience gained inside or outside of their role.
    • Puts the interests of the team first.
  • Service Excellence

    • Image of an award winner

      Anthony Ivory receiving his award

    • Image of an award winner

    • Anthony Ivory Domestic Assistant Birley Halls Facilities Team Facilities
    • Beverley Tonge Receptionist Faculty of Science and Engineering Facilities

    An exceptional individual who:

    • Is committed to the delivery of excellent service at all times.
    • Goes out of their way to put the customer first, often outside the limitations of their own area.
    • Provides support to colleagues, students or external bodies, that is over and above the norm for the role.
    • Has overcome obstacles or resolved a difficult situation for the customer.
    • Provides positive liaison between departments, teams and individuals to enhance customer service.
    • Produces and develops workable ideas, improvements or innovations that have enhanced the service provided by their area.
  • Exceptional Contribution to the Student Experience

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      Laura Curry receiving her award

    • Image of an award winner

    • Laura Curry Student Experience Support Tutor Department of Psychology Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care
    • Yvonne Harris Head of Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Business School

    This award recognises an outstanding contribution to the educational environment of the University, recognition and support of the diversity of student needs or an exceptional contribution to a culture of excellence and enhancement. The award covers all aspects of the student experience, including ‘behind the scenes’ work.

  • Outstanding Leadership

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      Martina Holubcova receiving her award

    • Image of an award winner

    • Martina Holubcova Service Desk Manager IT Helpline IT Services
    • Paul Hodgson Principal Library Assistant Library Services

    This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated:

    • Success in co-ordinating, developing and leading a team and individual staff members to provide a successful and effective service.
    • Excellence in motivating, inspiring and empowering others to achieve their individual and/or team goals and fulfil their potential.

    The award is open to individuals at any level who have a leadership responsibility and includes all types of line-managers and supervisors. The award focuses on the individual’s contribution to the success of the team and considers what they have done to enable others to succeed.

It is important when making your nomination to give clear examples of how the nominee meets the criteria through your own experiences.

Helpful tips

  • Do provide the nominees or team full name (tip – check using the address book in outlook)
  • Do pick the most relevant category which your evidence supports
  • Do provide evidence against all the criteria points within the chosen category.
  • Do not just tell us they are a nice person or provide a one-sentence answer. This will not provide the panel with evidence.
  • Do not presume the Panel will have any background knowledge on the nominee or team
  • Do not copy a colleagues’ nomination or send in duplicate nominations (it’s quality not quantity!)

Start nominating now

The shortlist was compiled by the 2016 judging panel.

The judging panel

The judging panel was made up of staff from the University.

  • Wendy Wright OBE Board of Governors (Chair)

  • Adam Bowles Director of Human Resources

  • Julie Griggs Head of Talent and Resourcing

  • Nicoletta Di Ciolla Principal Lecturer, Languages, Information and Communications

  • Ian Roberts Principal Lecturer, Manchester School of Art

  • Rebecca Lawthom Professor, Psychology

  • Pauline Ford Director of Faculty SAS and Deputy Registrar

  • Stephen Bloye Assistant Director of Facilities

See the full 2016 shortlist