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How do I? Waste & Recycling

Questions for Waste & Recycling:

  • Submit an on-line Waste and Recycling Collection Form?
    You can submit an on-line Waste and Recycling Collection Form by going to

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  • How do I dispose of confidential waste?

    The University provides facilities for the destruction of confidential waste, including CDs (computer discs).

    From September 14th 2015 we no longer provide confidential waste bags.

    Confidential waste consoles are to be used and are located in all post room facilities and in some corridor spaces. This service is for staff only so all consoles are provided in secure staff only areas.

    CDs, tape and all other magnetic media must be collected and stored separately. Please inform the waste and recycling team at to arrange a separate collection.

    Any item containing personal data MUST be securely destroyed, under the terms of the University’s data protection policy and its record retention and disposal schedule.

    Please refer to the confidential waste briefing document.



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  • How do I recycle printer cartridges?

    Please use the printer cartridge recycling boxes located next to the university printers. If these are full please contact Print Services on ext. 3422 (Manchester) or ext. 5576 (Cheshire).

    updated 2018-03-29 12:28:57

  • How do I recycle batteries?

    Go to the your nearest Battery Recycling Point:

    All Saints reception one box
    Bell House reception one box
    Broomhurst Hall reception one box
    Cambridge reception two boxes
    Cavendish South reception one box
    Chatham reception one box
    Chatham Workshop one box
    Geoffrey Manton reception one box
    Grosvenor reception one box
    John Dalton East Reception one box
    John Dalton Central · The Street one box
    John Dalton Loading bay two barrels
    Mabel Tylecote reception one box
    Ormond reception one box
    Righton reception one box
    New Business School reception one box
    Students Union reception one box
    Student Zone, Crewe Main Campus one box
    Booth Hall reception one box

    If you require further information, please contact the Waste and Recycling team by emailing

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  • How do I send out an all staff email?

    Go to ManMetLife and log in using your staff ID number and password. From here follow the on screen instructions.

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  • How do I dispose of damaged furniture?
  • How do I dispose of electrical items?

    Please fill out our online Waste and Recycling Collection Request form.


    There is no charge applied for non-bulky electrical items.

    If you require further information, please contact the Waste and Recycling team by emailing


  • How do I find out more about Waste and Recycling?

    There is more information about Waste and Recycling along with details of all MMU’s environmental projects on the MMU Environment website.

    For more specific information about W&R contact

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  • How do I dispose of hazardous substances excluding WEEE?

    Contact the Health and Safety unit on ext 3317.

    updated 2014-05-19 12:23:26

  • How do I dispose of unwanted furniture?

    Please fill out our online Waste and Recycling Collection Request form.

    If your furniture items are in good condition, then the items may be suitable for reuse within MMU.

    Send out a daily staff notice including the following information:

    • What the item of furniture is
    • Dimensions (height, width, depth)
    • Material (what is the furniture item made out of?)
    • What colour is it?
    • Where is the item located?
    • Your contact details
    • Any other information

    If your furniture is wanted elsewhere within MMU, you should contact your local house services team to arrange that the item is moved to an accessible area pending collection. To find out who your local house services team are, go to your building section of MMU’s staff webpages.

    You should also contact the Facilities Helpdesk on ext 2882 to arrange delivery of this item to the person/ department that request the item for reuse.


  • How do I recycle CDs and DVDs?

    If the CDs or DVDs contain student work or any personal details, these need to be disposed of as confidential waste. Please refer to the ‘How do I dispose of confidential waste?’ question on this page for guidance.

    If you are unsure or have any queries please contact the Waste and Recycling team at

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  • How do I recycle mobile phones?
    Please send your mobile internally to the LIS office, All Saints Building (Manchester), or to I.T. Services, Brock Building, Crewe Campus (Crewe) to be reused or recycled.

    updated 2013-11-14 14:49:49

  • How do I use my desktop recycler?

    Each staff member is expected to empty their own desktop recycler at the end of each day. Waste can be segregated at the nearest recycling hub. If you have any queries regarding recycling please contact Waste & Recycling on


  • How do I fill in a Waste Transfer Note?

    In order to fill in a Waste Transfer Note you need to know both these things:

    • Your Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code (2007) – this describes the main activity of the business that produced the waste;
    • The waste classification code also referred to as LoW (List of Waste) or EWC (European Waste Catalogue) code – this describes your waste.


    The transfer note should contain:

    • Description of waste, quantity and how the waste is contained
    • Address of transfer or collection point
    • Signatures from both parties
    • Information about the ‘Current holder of the waste’
    • Information about the ‘Person collecting the waste’
    • Details of the permit, licence or exemption of the ‘Person collecting the waste’
    • The appropriate European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code for your waste
    • The Standard Industry Code (SIC). For MMU this should be 85.42.


    See an example of a Waste Transfer Note here

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  • How do I dispose of bulky white items?

    Please fill out our online Waste and Recycling Collection Request form.

    If you wish to dispose of fridges or freezers, there may be a charge per item. If you require further information, please contact the Waste and Recycling team by emailing


  • How do I sign for a hazardous waste consignment note?

    You will receive consignment notes for collections of hazardous waste.

    The first 4 parts A to D of the consignment note must be filled before any waste is transferred:

    • Part A&B (MMU must complete this)
      • Waste producer address
      • Waste treatment address
      • Type of waste
      • Consignment note code
      • Premises code
    • Part C (Waste Carrier to complete this) - must include:
      • Waste destination address
      • Waste Carriers Licence (WCL) number
      • Signature by the Carrier


    • Part D (MMU must complete this)
      • Your signature on behalf of MMU


    • Part E Consignee Certificate
      • This part is for the Waste Treatment Company to fill out once they receive the waste
      • A copy of the Consignment Note will be sent to MMU at a later date once the waste has reached the disposal site, which will contain the completed Part E. Both copies of the consignment note should be kept together.

    You must keep one copy of the Waste Consignment Note.

    Note that Consignee must; once a quarter, send consignee returns confirming receipt of the waste to the producer identified in Part A2, and the Environment Agency.

    In most cases, the Waste Consignment Note will be prepopulated. You will therefore only have to check that the information is correct.

    updated 2014-10-01 14:15:18

  • How do I secure my waste?

    Confidential waste must be contained in the designated confidentail waste console units.

    Please ensure skips are locked to prevent unauthorised access.

    Furniture and electrical waste should be stored in an area not accessible to the general public to await collection.

    Hazardous waste should be contained in a secure area not accessible to the general public to await collection.

    If you have any further questions on please contact the Waste and Recycling team on



    updated 2015-08-05 10:55:04

  • How do I know if it is Hazardous waste?

    Waste is considered hazardous (or the material or substances it contains) when it is harmful to the environment or human health.

    Examples of hazardous waste include but are not limited to:

    • Asbestos
    • Chemicals, e.g. brake fluid or print toner
    • Batteries
    • Solvents
    • Pesticides
    • Oils (excluding edible ones), e.g. car oil
    • Equipment containing ozone depleting substances, e.g. fridges
    • Fluorescent tubes


    You can check the waste code or codes associated with your type of waste. If the code has an asterisk (*) next to it, the waste is hazardous. To find out if this applies to your waste click here for links to the European Waste Catalogue


  • How do I dispose of liquid and solid hazardous waste?

    Please see the Health and Safety guidance here


  • How do I store Waste Transfer Notes or Consignment Notes?

    Should you receive or sign for a waste transfer note or consignment note, this needs to be retained by the relevant department. Please be aware that Waste Transfer Notes are legally required to be held for 2 years, and Consignment notes for 3 years.

    If you unsure where the documents should be stored please contact the Waste & Recycling team on