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Important information for all Manchester Met students taking reassessments is covered under the headings below.

Students Studying on the Cheshire campus

As the Cheshire campus will be closing in the summer of 2019 different processes may need to be followed if you do not pass your assessments.

If you have not passed your assessments, there is advice and support available. Please refer to the communications you have received about your results, which detail the next steps for you to follow. It is very important that you follow the steps outlined in our communications to you.

If you require further information, please email

For further details about the type of reassessment advice and support available over the summer period, please visit

Second Reassessment Opportunity

If you fail your first reassessment, you are entitled to a second attempt at reassessment, provided you engaged fully with the first. By this, we mean that you:

  • Re-submitted all required items of coursework
  • AND attended all resit examinations
  • AND attended or participated in any required reassessment events and / or activities

Note: Submission of work for in-year recovery shall be accepted as full engagement with reassessment.

This is called the 'full engagement rule'. If you require a further explanation of this or of any other aspect of the Assessment Regulations, you should contact your Faculty Student Support Officer or the Students' Union Advice Centre.

If you do not engage fully and seriously with your first reassessment and you fail, you risk having to leave your course, even if you have done some of the work

Re-sit Examination Periods

For undergraduate students, the next opportunity to re-sit examinations will be during the appropriate 2018-19 assessment period. Further information will be provided on an individual basis by email. For postgraduate students, the timing of the next opportunity to re-sit examinations will vary depending on your programme of study. Further information will be provided on an individual basis by email.

Re-sit Examination Timetables

An email notification will be sent when your exam timetable has been generated. Students should check MyMMU for their personal exam timetable. Students who have provided a mobile number will also receive a text message notifying them when the timetable goes live.

Details of the publication of postgraduate examination timetables will be provided on an individual basis.

Reassessment in Coursework

If you are required to be re-assessed in coursework, information regarding assignment briefs and submission deadlines will be made available within the relevant unit area(s) of Moodle.

Reassessment Fees

If you have to re-sit examinations or be re-assessed in coursework, there is a single payment of £50 to cover all the reassessments relating to the current academic year.

The only extension of the original fee is if you have approved exceptional factors.

You can pay the reassessment fee securely online via the University’s Online Payment system - follow the links for ‘Make an Online Payment’.

Alternatively, you can pay online via the Met Card website. You will need to log in using your MMU ID and password and select the option for payment of goods and services.

Taking Reassessments Next Academic Year

Please be aware: All students taking reassessments will be subject to a maximum possible mark of 40% (50% for postgraduate students). This is called capping.

If you failed more than 90 credits in your assessments, you must take the year again with attendance.

If you took your first reassessments in August and still did not pass, as long as you made a serious effort, you will be given a final reassessment opportunity next academic year. You have the option to enrol either with or without attendance. If you enrol with attendance, you will be subject to the usual attendance and work requirements of any enrolled student.

Undergo reassessment with attendance

You must enrol in September as an attending student using Manchester Metropolitan’s Online Enrolment system. You will be required to pay tuition fees, but normally if you are receiving a Student Loan, you will be able to apply to your award agency e.g. Student Finance England for loan support for one extra year. You must attend all classes for the unit(s) you are repeating.

Further guidance for returning students is also available is also available at the University’s Welcome Page.

Undergo reassessment without attendance

You must still enrol in September as a ‘Repeat without Attendance’ student using Manchester Metropolitan’s Online Enrolment system. This will give you access to Moodle, the Library, and computer drop-in centres.

You will not be able to attend classes. You will either hand in reassessment coursework on a designated date or attend re-sit exams, usually in May. It is your responsibility to ensure you know the hand-in and examination dates. If in any doubt, contact your Student Hub.

You must keep the University up to date on your contact details by using the University’s Contact Management system.

Students with a Student Loan

If you are taking your reassessments with attendance, you will have to pay the tuition fee for each unit you take. Therefore, this requires a considerable financial investment on your part. You might be able to access a Student Loan, however please bear in mind that your maximum entitlement to a loan is normally for the standard length of your course plus one year. This includes any loan you might have had for other courses.

We strongly recommend that you check your entitlement with your loan provider (e.g. Student Finance England) before enrolling to be re-assessed with attendance, to ensure that if you take out a loan, you will still have enough funding to be able to complete all the remaining years of your course.

Our Student Financial Support Team can also provide information for you. You can call 0161 247 1045 to discuss this or to arrange an appointment to see a member of the Student Financial Support team in the Student Hub in the Business School on the Manchester campus.

Overseas Students

If you are a Tier 4 International student, you cannot remain in the UK unless you are repeating with attendance.

If you fail your first reassessment, providing you have failed in 90 credits or less, you can enrol as a ‘Repeat without Attendance’ student. This allows you to continue to have access to Moodle and to your University email account. You will have to leave the UK and return in the summer for your second reassessment.

However, if your Head of Department agrees, Manchester Metropolitan’s International Office recommends that you enrol to be re-assessed ‘with attendance’ for the unit(s) you have failed at the first reassessment. The advantage of doing this is that you will be able to renew your student visa and the extra attendance will give you a much better chance of passing and going on to the next stage.

If you fail more than 90 credits, you do not have a choice and must take your reassessments with attendance.

The Home Office has introduced a time limit for the Tier 4 (General) student route. Please read the next section on Visa and Home Office Requirements.

Please be aware, if you are re-assessed with attendance, you will have to pay the full fee for each unit. If you pass, the maximum mark you can achieve is the basic pass mark (40% for undergraduate courses and 50% for postgraduate courses) This maximum mark for reassessment is called capping.

Whether you are repeating with or without attendance, Tier 4 students must now read the next section on Visa and Home Office Requirements.

Tier 4 (General) and Home Office Requirements

This section is relevant for all overseas students who hold a Tier 4 visa.

If you have not passed the year, your result will show either that you have failed without further opportunity for reassessment OR that you can have another chance to take the assessments, either with or without further attendance.

Please consider which category you are in and follow the relevant instructions.

1. You can repeat the assessments you failed with attendance or your dissertation as a writing up student.

Check carefully which units you have to repeat and then enrol using Manchester Metropolitan’s Online Enrolment system.  If your course structure has changed, the University might not be able to offer identical units to repeat with attendance. You will have to pay a tuition fee per unit you repeat.

You must attend all classes, submit all course work and attend re-registration with Manchester Metropolitan’s International Office at the beginning of the spring and summer term. You may also be required to meet with the International Office’s compliance team to establish contacts to meet Home Office compliance regulations. The team will also refer you to Manchester Metropolitan’s Immigration and Welfare team to so you can get help later on with extending your visa.

2. You can repeat the assessments you failed without attendance.

The University must report to the Home Office through your CAS number that you are repeating the assessments without attendance. The University will also report when you intend to leave the UK and return for exams.

As you are not attending any classes, you must return home. You must provide evidence of travel plans to your home (example flight ticket) to Your current visa will become invalid after the University has reported your situation to the Home Office.

When you are ready to return to Manchester Metropolitan for your exams, you must apply for a new visa to enter the UK. If you are returning to complete final year exams, you will need to return to the UK under the Short-term Study route, further information on how to apply can be found on the International Office’s website.

If you have more than 6 months of your course remaining, you should return to the UK as a Tier 4 (General) student: information on how to apply can be found on the International Office’s website.

Do not return to the UK to complete your exams on a tourist visa. If you require further information please contact the Immigration and Welfare Team on or call on +44 (0)161 247 1022 (option 3).

3. You have failed the year without the opportunity to continue on your course

The University must report to the Home Office through your CAS number that your time with Manchester Metropolitan has come to an earlier end due to failure with no opportunity to continue on the course.

You must return home as you cannot continue on your course and attend classes. You must provide evidence of what you will do next, for example, your flight ticket to return home or Unconditional Offer to start at another University. Send this to

Your current visa will become invalid after the University has reported your situation to the Home Office. You can contact an Immigration adviser to discuss your personal situation and get advice by emailing them on or call on +44 (0)161 247 1022 (option 3).

4. You may continue on your course, but, with the agreement of your Head of Department, you are taking some time out. This is called ‘intercalation’.

The University must report to the Home Office through your CAS number your academic situation, when you intend to leave the UK and when you intend to return to recommence your course.

Important Note for Tier 4 students

The Home Office has introduced a time limit for the Tier 4 (General) student route. You cannot spend more than 5 years studying under the Tier 4 route in the UK (with some exceptions). Any delays you experience in your studies may affect your stay in the UK and extending your visa under the Tier 4 route in future.

For further advice and options to protect your immigration status and history, contact a Manchester Metropolitan Immigration adviser by emailing them on or call on +44 (0)161 247 1022 (option 3).

For more information about reporting and record-keeping duties of the University, please refer to Statement of Student Responsibilities under Tier 4 for Manchester Metropolitan University.


Exceptional Factors

For further information and guidance on Exceptional Factors, consult Exceptional Factors – Frequently Asked Questions.

Academic Appeals

For further information and guidance on Academic Appeals, please visit the Academic Appeals webpage.

If you have to do reassessments, you should continue with your preparation as normal. It is likely that you will not receive a decision on your appeal until very close to or after your exam or submission date. Do not wait for the outcome of your appeal before deciding what to do next. Even if your appeal is successful, you will probably still have to take the reassessment. The most common outcome of a successful appeal is that the status of your reassessment will be changed.

You can also attend classes pending the outcome of your appeal.

If you are a Tier 4 International student, you must provide proof to Manchester Metropolitan's International Office l (for example your receipt from the Student Hub) that you have submitted an appeal. This should be emailed to The University will report you have submitted an appeal to the Home Office via your CAS. Please do not send your appeal application to the International Office.

Student Support Officers and Study Skills Support

There is a Student Support Officer in each faculty who will be able to give you help and advice on study skills, preparing for reassessment, academic appeals and exceptional factors. Full details are available via the University's Student Support Officer website. There are also workshops running throughout the year, including the Writing Project course, to assist you with everything from assignments to exam techniques; bookings can be made through Careerhub, Events, and searching for Study Skills

Coaching for Academic English

Coaching for Academic English provides free English classes and one-to-one tutorials for international students at Manchester Metropolitan in every faculty during the Autumn and Spring terms, and one-to-one individual writing consultations during the third term and summer.

Wherever you are based at the university, you can find help. We focus on the skills needed for good quality academic writing, listening, reading, and speaking, as well as grammar instruction. All classes are delivered by qualified and experienced tutors.

 For more information go to the Coaching for Academic English website.

Useful Links

Anxiety can get in the way of academic performance. It can interfere with your thinking and affect your sleep. Over the reassessment period, the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service can help. As well as offering one-to-one counselling they have a wealth of self-help resources including podcasts, apps, information and SilverCloud – (an online CBT programme). The service also runs practical workshops and courses e.g. on mindfulness (useful to cope with stress). Have a look at their workshops and courses list for more information. Learn how to manage your anxiety optimize your performance.

Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service (0161 247 3493).

Go to the Counselling Service website.

Go to the MIND website to find out more about how to cope with exam stress.

The Learner Development Team offers a range of academic study skills support, including one-to-one appointments, drop-in, workshops and courses. Topics cover include, exams revision, referencing, essay writing and a general study guide. We also have a host of online resources including videos which can be found here.

For more information about how we can help please click here

For disability related support pleave visit the Disability Service website.

The Students Union Advice Centre offers help and support on all the main issues affecting students at MMU. It is a specialist, independent unit whose aim is to ensure that your time at university is not lessened through a lack of support or knowledge of your rights. It can also represent you at meetings and hearings, resources permitting.

Go to the Students Union Advice Centre website

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