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You said… We did.

In Manchester

‘There’s not enough computers available at the Geoffrey Manton for attendance monitoring’

Converted all the machines in the Geoffrey Manton Hub to attendance monitoring.

‘It’s frustrating to have to wait for someone to be free at the Hub in order to use stationery for coursework submissions’

During heavy coursework deadlines we set up stationery stations with staplers, tape, paper clips, pens and blank coursework cover sheets

‘We want someone to ask simple questions in the Geoffrey Manton Hub about internships and employability without having to book a special appointment at a different building’

We have a placements team drop in session every day at the Geoffrey Manton Hub from 14:00 – 15:00 who will answer general questions and provide advice and arrange appointments for more in depth queries and advice.

‘I’d like a receipt when I hand in an exceptional factors form’

We now send you an electronic receipt by e-mail as soon as we receive your exceptional factors form.

‘I’d like to know more about any upcoming events at MMU’

We are now sending more information through our Twitter account, including news on upcoming events that you may be interested in. We are also displaying more information at each Hub

‘I can’t access my e-mails on PCs in the John Dalton Hub’

We changed the PCs internet settings to enable access to e-mails and external websites.

‘Please can we have more computers in the Business School Hub that we can access’

We doubled computer and phone provision in the Business School Hub for your use.

‘I’m an International Student and have to re-register each term. Please can you make it so that we can register where it’s most convenient for us?’

International Students can re-register at any Hub regardless of faculty.

‘We want to be able to access a Student Hub every day’

A Student Hub is open every day during term time

In Cheshire

‘The Student Hub needs to stay open later’

We are now open from 8.30am – 6pm during Autumn and Spring terms.

‘Could I request a Council Tax letter by phone?’

We now accept requests by phone, subject to security checks.

‘We need more phones to connect to Student Finance’

We now have an additional phone in the Quiet Zone.

‘When busy, sometimes there’s only one attendant. Maybe more?’

We now have an extra laptop at the Student Hub to enable more than one member of staff to be available at busy times.

‘We need more help with completing Exceptional Factors’

You can contact the Student Hubs, SSO or SU for help. There’s also information online.

‘I would like to be able to get a Confirmation of Study letter from any Student Hub’

You can now get Confirmation of Study letters, Council Tax Exemption Forms and replacement ID cards from any Student Hub.

‘E-mailed over the weekend. Got an answer Monday morning. Can it be open at weekends?’

The Business School Student Hub is open at weekends, and will now be checking the inboxes for all the Student Hubs, responding as appropriate.

‘Clearer Description of Opening Hours’

Opening hours are currently publicised at the front of the Hub, online, on TV screens across the campus and through Moodle updates. We will post these more regularly through our current channels, but will also look into the possibility of having these on Coursework Submission forms.

‘The Hub needs updating and modernising’

The Student Hub is currently being recarpeted and repainted to update it a little. The Quiet Zone has also given opportunity to display artwork, aswell as provide the function of a private space and extra phone.

‘More information about all the services you provide’

At the moment, we publicise our services at the front of the Student Hub and also through the website. However. Our services are not publicised in the same way as our opening times through TV screen and Moodle, so we will update these to include our services too.

‘Please could you provide a pen stand and paper in the quiet zone’

Yes! We will have this in place by the 15/16 academic year.

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