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Emergency Hardship Loans

Please note the 2017/18 Emergency Hardship Loan scheme will close on 15th December 2017


What is the Emergency Hardship Loan?

It is a short term loan made to some students from the University's Access to Learning Fund. If you applied for your student finance before the deadline you should get the first payment of your loan and/or grant a few days after the start of term on 18th September 2017 - it takes a few days because the University has to confirm to the Student Loans Company that you have enrolled before they can authorise the payment.

But for some students the first payment from the SLC is late. This can be for a number of reasons, perhaps your application is delayed, or you made a late application because you came to MMU through Clearing?

If you are in that situation, the Emergency Hardship Loan (EHL) may be available for you.


Who can apply?
If you have enrolled, and you applied for finance from Student Finance England (or equivalent) but you have not received your student finance payment, then you can apply for an EHL of £250. The EHL is set at £250 as it is intended to cover your basic essential costs such as food and travel for four weeks. It's not intended to cover all your costs.

Please note new students must have collected their MMU ID card.


What if I have dependants?
If you have children or adults who are financially dependent on you then you can apply for a higher loan of £250 for a two-week period. You need to provide a copy of your Child Benefit or Child Tax Credit award letter in order to qualify for this.


When can I get an EHL?

Between Monday 18th September and Friday 15th December 2017 only.

You should call into the Student Hub, Ground Floor of the Business School Building, All Saints Campus between 9:00am and 3.00pm to make an appointment. Alternatively you can telephone 0161 247 1045 to book an appointment. We aim to offer you an appointment as soon as possible but please note that it might not be possible to offer an appointment on the same day.

You can use our drop in facility for an appointment for your first loan but you must book an appointment for any subsequent loan interviews.


How is the EHL paid?
After your interview we will try to give you the loan in cash on the same day.  If your interview is late in the day you will have to wait until the next working day to get the cash.


What happens if my student loan hasn’t come after four weeks?
If after 4 weeks from your first interview (2 weeks for students with dependants) you still haven’t received your student loan, you may be able to apply for a further loan. 

Please telephone the Student Financial Support Team on 0161 247 1045 to make an appointment for another EHL interview.

After your first instalment, all further loans are for two weeks only, so if you don’t have dependants your loan will be for £100 and £200 if you have dependants.

Important: if you need to apply for an additional loan you must bring proof that the delay in receiving your student funding is no fault of yours. We monitor further applications for loans very carefully, and we can refuse further loans if you have not, for example, submitted required documentation to Student Finance England (or equivalent)

MMU Cheshire students should contact the Student Hub, Laurence Building, Crewe Campus to arrange a loan interview.


Repaying your EHL
If your application for an EHL is approved you must sign a statement agreeing to repay the EHL within five working days of receiving your student loan before you can receive the cash.


How do I repay?
You can repay online or in person as detailed below. If you choose to repay online you should select EHL Repayments form the drop down menu listed Select Type.


In person

Finance Service Centre, Righton Building
Finance Office, Crewe Campus

You should telephone us if you have any questions about repaying your loan.

Why is it so important that I repay my Emergency Hardship Loan?
The money for the EHL comes from the University’s Access to Learning Fund. This is a cash-limited fund aimed at helping students who run into unexpected financial difficulties. If you don’t pay back your EHL then you won’t be able to apply to the Access to Learning Fund this year, or in future years or for an EHL if you loan is delayed in any future year.

The University takes a very serious view of student debtors - if you don’t repay your loan your debt is passed to the Credit Control Team, this can affect your enrolment.